Are Vertical Bike Racks Bad For Bikes? 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vertical Bike Racks

Many pro cyclists would gag at the mention of storing their bikes vertically. But are vertical bike racks bad for bikes? We bust many myths in the article below.

Vertical storing of bikes looks dangerous as it may fall and break your precious cycle. There is a myth that vertical bike racks are bad for bikes. Let us dive deep and find out how much of the myth is true.

Are Vertical Bike Racks Bad For Bikes

Different Types of Stands For Bikes

When it comes to the storage system for bikes, several options are available to choose for you. 

Wall Mounts

Wall mount hooks are the cheapest option available for storing bikes. You could get the best quality within five to ten dollars. You might wonder if the cheap option is the best. 

To relieve you, many expert mechanics say that these inexpensive hooks are one of the best options. These hooks are coated with vinyl compounds that prevent any scratching in the rims of the cycle. 

The process of installation of hooks is also easy, and you can do it yourself. When installing the hook, remember to put it in a position where you can quickly hang or take it down. People often tend to install these hooks way higher for the aesthetic look of the garage, which later causes problems. 

Adjustable hooks for wall mounting your bike allow you to tilt your cycle after hanging it up. Tilting to a certain level reduces stress on the rims of your bike. Thus adjustable ones are a desirable option for hanging your bike vertically or almost to a vertical angle. 

Floor Stands

Floor stands have a negligible installation process. It is best to own mechanical instruments like drilling machines or live in a rented house with a strict landlord. 

Using floor stands, you can hang your bike without making a scratch on the wall. Various options are available for floor stands for cycles whose prices vary over a wide range.

You can choose a regular cheap one or a fancy stylish one. 

Most floor stands can accommodate upto two bikes when stored upright. Floor stands for horizontal storage is also available in the market. 

Are Vertical Bike Racks Bad For Bikes

Tension Poles

Tension poles are another solution for hanging your bikes. Its installation process is more accessible than wall hooks. Still, it is a tedious job considering the ease of installing the floor stands.

Starting price of a floor stand may range from sixty dollars to 200 dollars. The cost of good quality tension poles starts from around 150 dollars. 

Therefore, installation charges are comparatively higher for tension poles than floor stands and wall mount hooks. 

Tension poles are adjustable and portable methods of bike storage. Its capacity is two or three vertically hanged bikes. 

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Why is Vertical Storing Preferred Over Horizontal Storing?

Vertical storing of bikes is trending today because it efficiently uses the room space and keeps your bike secure. If you are a fan decorating your garage or a proud cyclist, you must have thought about putting your bike up on the wall. Many experts prefer the vertical storing of bikes over horizontal racks. Let’s dive into the reasons. 

Disadvantages of Horizontal Storing

One of the main problems of horizontally storing your bike is that they take floor space. It is almost impossible to store more than two or three bikes in your room as it would most of the floor. Moreover, if you lean your bike over the wall for a long time, the cycle will scrape the paint off the wall.

You also would not be able to get the bike at your back. When multiple cycles are stored together, it gets weirdly attached to each other. It almost feels like rocket science to take out one bike without making other bikes fall.

As the bikes had to be kept leaning on each other, you might damage the bikes when storing them horizontally. The paint of your new bike may come off. As the bike stems and wheels get tangled with other bikes, it harms all the bikes.

Another main problem for the horizontal storing of bikes is that it makes the suspension fork dry out. 

Advantages Of Vertical Storing

You might wonder why you need a vertical storage system? The aim is to make your room or garage look aesthetic and have more space. A clear room always looks better and more pleasing than an overly crowded room with furniture and, in this case, horizontally aligned bikes.

Vertical storage is for cyclist enthusiasts. Each bike is secured separately instead of leaning on each other and getting tangled. You tend to underestimate your house walls. They are never efficiently used. The most use you make of it is by hanging a few photo frames. 

Making storage units for your bike, shoes, or even books out of it is the most genius idea. 

Are Vertical Bike Racks Bad For Bikes

In vertical storage systems for bikes, each of your bikes is kept separated from the other, thus preventing the tangling of wires and wheels. The feature saves a lot of your time and effort when you want to take one particular bike out without moving others. Thus, a vertical storing system is a necessity for those having multiple cycles.

Separating each bike also prevents any damage caused by friction by keeping all the bikes hurdled together as in horizontal storage. When the bikes are stored vertically, the suspension forks are tilted backward, allowing oil to sip into them, keeping them lubricated.

Thus, vertical storage is a convenient solution for keeping your bike and is perfect for professional cyclists owning various bikes.

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Precautions To Take While Hanging A Bike Vertically

Proper Installation

Installation of the vertical storage system is the most crucial step and needs to be done right. Whether wall mount hooks or tension poles, you need to ensure that the unit is correctly fastened to your wall. Any fault during installation may cause accidental breaking and damage your bike to a large extent.

When buying tools for storage, make sure you buy according to your bike’s weight. For example: If you are buying for storing your electric bike, you need to buy a high-quality rack that could withstand such a heavyweight. Otherwise, it would break due to the tension caused by the weight of your electric bike.  

Are Vertical Bike Racks Bad For Bikes

Correct Position

When installing the storage unit, make sure you install it to a level that is easily accessible for you. You need to see if you could easily handle or take down your bike from the height. It should not be too high as it would make the process difficult.

It should not be too low that parts of your bike touch the ground, as it eliminates the purpose of installing vertical storage by taking up floor space. It also becomes difficult to clean the floor.

Scratch Free Surfaces

Make sure the surface of the poles, hooks, or stands that come in contact with your bike is adequately coated with vinyl compounds to prevent any type of scratching.

Correctly Hanging The Bike After Every Use

To increase the lifespan of both your bike and stand, you should hang the bike properly after every use. 

Why Are Vertical Racks Considered Bad For Bikes?

In the vertical racks, the bikes are mounted on suspension forks. The entire weight is on the sideways of the front and the bike stem. The vibration caused by the system poses disadvantages to the cycle. 

Therefore, long-term use of vertical racks causes stress on the bike stem, especially the handlebars.

In the case of horizontal racks, you need not worry about such tension and may use it for years. And it would not damage its stem, but it could also affect the tires. Horizontal racks are better as it feels more secure and easy to use. In the case of vertical racks, it is almost impossible for everyone to hang a heavy, electric bike. In contrast, it’s easy for horizontal ones. 

Are Vertical Bike Racks Bad For Bikes

With more features involved in the new age bikes, the sensitivity of the cycles increases as well. In the case of electric bikes, the weight becomes significantly high. 

For such bikes, vertical racks often become insufficient and fail to secure the bikes in position. The failing of vertical hitch .0    

frames cause repairable and irreparable damages to the sensitive bikes. 

To increase the efficiency of bike development and quality manufacturing is needed. Very few companies can achieve such goals. But such manufacturing raises its price, whereas a wide variety of bike racks are already available in the market at a much lower rate. 

Answers To Some More Questions About bike Racks

Are vertical bike racks suitable?

Yes, they are a good option for storing multiple bikes as it takes less floor space and is separated to prevent tangling of the bikes.

Do vertical bike racks save space?

Yes, they are best known for saving room or garage space. They utilize wall space efficiently, thus leaving your floor for other use.

Do bike racks damage bikes?

Bike racks are designed to securely store your bikes, but if you see that the vinyl coating has come off the shelf. It could damage your bike by scraping off the paint.

Is hanging bikes by wheels bad?

For most bikes, hanging bikes by wheels does not cause any problem. But for some bicycles that have aero carbon rims, storing by the wheels should be avoided.

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Vertical Racks Are Actually Good!

Vertical storing is preferred over horizontal as it takes less space, keeps your bike lubricated, and keeps multiple cycles untangled.

If you have multiple bikes and you are thinking of getting vertical racks, go for it.