Best Small Van for Carrying Bikes: 6 Vans To Rock Your Bike Inventory Like A Boss!

2021 Nissan NV is the best small van for carrying bikes. But there are some more in the market that can make your life simpler. Let’s take a look!

Bikes have been essential to bike enthusiasts who like to take their bikes along with themselves. Whether it’s a cycling event or outdoor camping and hiking with friends, or a picnic with family, they prefer to carry their bikes for an adventure.

When going from one destination to another, cyclists often find means and ways to take their bikes along as the distance from one destination to another may be long. 

At times cyclists require alternatives to carry their bikes with them. These alternatives are sometimes small vehicles such as small vans, which are a convenient option to carry bikes. In this article, we will discuss the best small vans for carrying bikes. 

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How Many Bikes You Can Fit In a Van?

The number of bikes you can fit in a van mainly depends on the length of the van. Generally, five bicycles can fit in a van. To determine the number of bikes that can fit in the largest and smallest van lengths, you can use the formula:

Width x Length x of Van = Total Area Of Cargo (inch) ÷ Width x Length of Bike = Total Bike Area (inch).

Let us now take a look at the small vans which carry bikes.

2021 Nissan NV

The 2021 Nissan NV can be ideal for your bike transportation requirements as it comes with vast cargo space and is affordable. Nissan vans carry an excellent reputation in durability.  

And can be installed with multiple storage cabinets and racks. This allows you to fit a contraption to secure and load bikes while transporting them, making the commute manageable.

Best Small Van For Carrying Bikes

The van has efficient handling, which makes it comfortable to drive, and the tall windows provide excellent visibility to the driver. The van even has good acceleration.

The downside for this vehicle is that it lacks an all-wheel-drive capability, and the technology onboard the vehicle is outdated.

The van can accommodate five bikes since it has the same length and width across all 2021 models.

Ford Transit Van 2021

The Ford Transit Van 2021 is preferred by those who want a decent cargo handling capacity. It is for those who don’t have much cargo to regularly transport, such as bikes, you just need a small and compact-sized transit van. You can fit bike carrying racks on this 2021 ford van which is extremely useful while transporting bikes between places.

The Ford Transit Van 2021 does come with all the standard features of safety and doesn’t come with comprehensive features of safety like other vans available in the market, however it does the job. The cargo area can be easily configured, making it easy to transport streamlined and bulky items with standard safety features.

Best Small Van For Carrying Bikes

Also, you can easily configure the cargo area of the van, which will make the van capable to transport streamlined and bulky items. The van has a lower capacity of payload, but the configurable interior with modern controls and layout balances out the lack of payload capacity.

The smallest length van of the Ford Transit Van Connect 2021 can carry up to 2 bikes in its cargo hold.

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Ram Van ProMaster 2021

The 2021 Ram ProMaster Van makes your travel an adventure as it comes with it is the most upmarket transit van, which comes with the most advanced features such as aids for driver safety and heated seats, to name a few. The Ram ProMaster van makes sure that transporting equipment such as bikes needn’t be a boring task.

The van comes with a powertrain V-6, making driving a longer distance with load a breeze, and the cargo capacity of the van is great. The van comes equipped with proximity keyless entry, infotainment center, brake assist, and remote keyless entry.

Best Small Van For Carrying Bikes

The van’s suspension is far more solid than other vans, making you feel that it has a firm ride over uneven roads, which can be uncomfortable.  

The smallest length van of the 2021 Ram ProMaster Van can hold up to 5 bikes in its cargo.

GMC Van Savana

We don’t require a highly modern vehicle with loaded features but a reliable and traditional van. If that is the case, then the 2021 Savana Van from GMC needs a close look by you since this GMC van has great hauling capacity and strength since it has a towing feature and platform of heavy-duty.

The 2021 Savana van from GMC has a ladder frame similar to a truck with plenty of cargo capacity. This allows the flexibility to store several tons worth of equipment like bikes in its cargo. Moreover, the feature to tow other vehicles of this van can tow a weight of about 10000 pounds.

Best Small Van For Carrying Bikes

The van does have a rugged yet attractive frame and comes with a strong engine.   

The van’s interior isn’t as modern as the competitors’ and does not come equipped with features that will entertain you, nor are there many features that are helpful to drivers, and it is less fuel-efficient. Still, the GMC Savana is highly reliable and is a favorite choice among adventurers.  

The smallest length van of the 2021 GMC Savanna is of 5 mountain bikes in its cargo.

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 2021

The van which is the largest on the list is the 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The van comes with the largest cargo carrying capacity with many state-of-the-art features available in the market. The vans are best known for being easy to drive and maneuver, along with their high-end safety features.

It comes with a choice of three engine types and an option of four-wheel drive, unlike other vans, which come as front-wheel drive. The cargo space in the interior is versatile and easily adaptable, and the off-road capabilities make it an excellent choice for various businesses.

Best Small Van For Carrying Bikes

Although, it is essential to note that it is among the most expensive vans, and additional amenities come at a higher price.

The smallest van length of the 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter can accommodate four mountain bicycles in the cargo.

Honda Element

Though no longer being manufactured, another notable mention is the Honda Element manufactured between 2003-2011. These compact crossover SUVs can be rented to transport your bikes.

The Honda Element has a wider box shape and has five doors to fit your bike in several ways. One such way is to push the rear seats down and roll the bike straight away. The Honda element can fit in up to 2 bikes in its cargo space.