Which Bikes Have Gear Indicator? 5 Bikes Which Have Gear Indicators

Not all bikes have a gear indicator. If you are wondering which bikes have gear indicators read further to get all the answers.

Do you know that based on a study by the Institute for Social and Economic Change, there was a rapid growth of per-capita income leading to the purchase of vehicles, mainly two-wheelers, in the last decade?

But lack of good training and ideas on using the bikes led to accidents. Out of these accidents, 72% were because of licensed drivers, meaning they were not completely aware of properly riding their bikes. 

One of the primary reasons for this was the confusion between the gears, so many bike manufacturers started building the bikes with gear indicators. In this article, let us see which bikes have gear indicator.

Which Bikes Have Gear Indicator

What Is A Gear Indicator On A Motorcycle?

You can find the gear indicator on the motorcycle’s driver display area. As the name indicates, it indicates the current gear that the rider is riding on. When you change the gear, the indicator will automatically suggest the gear you are on. 

The indicator operates when it is directly linked with the motorcycle’s hardware and uses electrical indicators to display the gear chosen. 

Using the gear indicator, you can shift the gear at the right time, reducing fuel usage and ensuring seamless power growth during the ride.

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Types Of Gear Indicators:

There are two types of gear indicators:

  • Hard Wired Gear Indicator: This indicator is the hard-wired edition that will allow the rider to break the bike’s wired buckle and link the different wires. It is tough to operate these types of gear indicators, and you cannot rely on them. 
  • Plug And Play Gear Indicator: Modern technology has led to this gear indicator. Though this is costly, it is reliable. You just have to get the plug-and-play edition of the gear indicator and insert it directly into the current buckle. This indicator is very easy to install and use. 

Though these are the most common types, you come across recent bikes with a digital display that indicates the gear while you are riding. 

Which Bikes Have Gear Indicator

Do All Bikes Have Gear Indicators?

No, all bikes do not have gear indicators; and if you want one, you can add them to your bike. But if you are getting a new bike, you can find them in most of the latest bikes. 

Which Bikes Have Gear Indicator?

A motorcycle with a gear shift indicator will help give accuracy for performing the right gear shift, and it will provide confidence to the riders while riding the bike.

But most of the motorcycles coming with gear shift indicators are on the expensive side; out of all the options below are some budget-friendly and best-performing motorcycles.

#1. Apache RTR 200: 

These bikes were first released in the year 2005, which have a single-cylinder engine of 198cc. The motorcycle can achieve a speed of 80 MPH. 

To make it easy for the riders, the motorcycle has a display on the front, making it easy for the rider to know the speed and time and indicate the gear being used. On the left side of the display, the rider can find which gear he is riding on.

Which Bikes Have Gear Indicator

#2. Honda SP 125

These bikes come with a single-cylinder fuelled motor of 124cc. The bike has a digital display that serves as a speedometer, fuel indicator, and clock displaying the time. The digital display on the bike will even show the gear position, thus indicating the rider’s gear being used at that time. 

#3. KTM 390 Duke:

The KTM bike will have a 373.2cc engine and has an anti-locking braking system which will prevent skidding of the motorcycle when the rider applies sudden brakes. Also, the digital display screen of these bikes is connected to the mobile through Bluetooth. The rider gets to see the gear he is riding on at the top right corner above the speedometer on display. 

#4. Apache RR 310

The bike is powered with a single-cylinder and a reverse inclined 312cc engine. The motorcycle provides constant updates to the rider with the help of its display, which clearly indicates the time, speed, fuel, and gear positions below the speedometer.  

#5. YAMAHA R15 V3

This bike has a single overhead camshaft fuel injection engine with an outstanding cooling performance. Also, the bike provides you with six-speed transmissions, which will allow the rider to cruise at a low RPM, even while riding in high gears; this will save fuel. The bike’s digital display will give the rider a clear idea to check the speedometer, fuel tank, and gear position, making it easy to control the speed. 

These are some of the top options of bikes available with a gear indicator. If you are searching for other models and a better option, you can browse for different models of these brands to pick your choice. 

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Can I Add A Gear Indicator To The Motorcycle?

Adding a gear indicator will increase the motorcycle price, so many may not buy it, so most of the brands do not add them on their motorcycles. But if you already have a motorcycle and are not looking to buy a new motorcycle but want a gear indicator, you can add it to your motorcycle. Below are the two topmost plug-and-play gear indicators, according to us.

Which Bikes Have Gear Indicator

Idea Water-Resistant Gear Indicator 

This gear indicator is red and is manufactured by the brand IDEA. It comes with 6.9×5.1×0.9 inches dimensions and weighs only 2.39 ounces. For fitting the gear indicator, firstly, fit the bike with a restricted connector. 

For doing this, you need not break any points. Place the gear indicator across the motorcycle’s windshield using double tape. As soon as you start the motorcycle, gear will be indicated on the indicator; the LED light is bright and displays the gear. 

The indicator is water-resistant, so you can use it even when you ride in the rain. As the gear indicator may not suit all motorcycles, check before you try to install it. You can get this gear indicator on Amazon. 

KYN LED Gear Indicator: 

This indicator comes in 6.3×4.06×1.69 inches, weighs 7.8 ounces, and is the second-best plug-and-play operation option. The indicator has an unlimited socket requiring no cables and keys for configuration. To be visible even in the brightest environments, the display has a contrasted monitor and is entirely automated. 

The enhanced sensor transmission of the indicator will give perfect operation and quick reaction. This water-resistant gear indicator is the simplest and most portable you can buy for your motorcycle. 

Which Bikes Have Gear Indicator

Wrap Up

Riding a bike with a gear indicator works best for those riders who fail to remember the gear they were riding on. When they forget the gear, they can have a brief look at these indicators, which will help them note them. 

This will also help the riders shift to other gears wisely based on the path they are riding on. Though it may feel like time taking, every rider will learn to ride over time without looking at the gear indicators. 

But it is always an added advantage for safety when you ride a motorcycle with a gear indicator.