Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes? What Size Bike Should I Buy?

Comfort plays a vital role while riding a bike. For example, can adults ride 24 inch bikes? No, they are too small. Let’s read in more detail.

Can adults ride 24 inches bikes? Let me answer this question in this write-up. The design of 24-inch bikes is mainly done for kids whose age lies in between eight to ten years. 

24-inch bikes have small and narrow seats, which are perfect for kids. Kids with heights ranging from 53 to 57 inches can easily ride a 24-inch bike.

Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes

But What About Adults?

But if I talk about adults, then women can better handle a 24-inch bike in comparison to men. The women whose height is below 5 feet can better manage a 24-inch bike. However, if a woman is bulky or above 250 pounds, she should not ride a 24-inch bike. 

Now, if I talk about men, they are physically stronger, taller, and have broad shoulders compared to women. So, most of the men will not feel comfortable riding 24-inch bikes.

So, the size of your bike should be your priority while purchasing a bike. If you choose a bike of the wrong size, you will never have a good cycling experience.

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Importance Of Bike Size

#1. Comfort

If you choose to ride a bike that is too small or too large, you will feel discomfort and affect your performance while riding a bike. So, a correct bike size is essential for your comfort.

#2. Avoid Pain

If you choose a bike size larger than your body size, you may suffer from lower back pain or shoulder pain. If you select a smaller bike than your size, you will always have to pull your cycle.

So, to avoid any soreness, back pain, wrist pain, or other problems after cycling, you need to choose the correct bike size.

#3. Safety

If you ride a bulky size bike, then sometimes applying brakes may be difficult for you. So there is the possibility of accidents. To have safety, you should ride a bike of your appropriate size.

Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes

#4. Achieving Good Speed

If you are a racer, then choosing the proper size bike should be your top priority. If you don’t choose, you may become tired or have severe discomfort while riding for a short duration. A proper size bike will help you in achieving the best speed in a race.

What Should You Understand By 24 Inch Bike?

A 24-inch bike can have two meanings.

  • The wheel of the bike can be of 24-inch size. Well, the 24-inch wheel size is mainly suitable for kids and smaller women. So, if your height is between 4’5″ to 4’7″ (less than normal adults) and you have a light weight body frame, then you might be able to ride a 24-inch bike.
  • The frame of the bike can be 24 inches. A 24-inch frame bike is meant for people who are very big and tall.

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Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes: For Women

The average height of women in America is 5’4″ as compared to 5’9″ for men. That does not come as any surprise to anybody.

24-inch wheel bike

Women are usually lighter and smaller in comparison to men. So, they can ride bikes with a wheel size of 24 inches. 

But you need to remember that a 24-inch wheel bike cannot withstand a lot of weight. So if your weight is above 250 pounds, you need to switch to a bike with wheels larger than 24 inches. But if the height of a woman is 54 inches or less than that, she can ride a 24-inch bike properly

Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes

24-inch frame bike

Now let’s talk about the 24 inches frame bike. Well, let me tell you that 24-inch frame sizes are usually not for women. Adult women typically prefer to use bikes that have frame sizes between 16-18 inches.

The below chart shows the height of the women along with the recommended frame and wheel size.

Height of WomenFrame sizeWheel size
48-50 inches13-14 inches24 inches
50-52 inches14-15 inches24 inches
52-54 inches15-16 inches24 inches

Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes: For Men

24-inch wheel bike

Most men will not be able to sit on or ride bikes with a wheel size of 24 inches. The dimension is extremely small in comparison to the height and weight of the body of men. 

So, if a guy rides with a 24-inch wheel, he will suffer from severe back pain or joint pain in various parts of the body. The wheel size for men starts from 26 inches.

24-inch frame bike

Now, if I talk about the 24 inches bike frame, they are also not suitable for most men. The frame size within 22-23 inches will be comfortable for most men. 

Men whose height is above 73 inches will only be comfortable riding a 24-inch frame size bike.

The below chart shows the height of the men along with recommended frame size and wheel size.

Height of MenFrame sizeWheel size
69-71 inches22-23 inches29 inches
71-73 inches23-24 inches29 inches
Above 73 inchesMore than 24 inches29 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Would a 24-inch bike be for adults?

A 24-inch bike is mainly for kids with age groups between 8-13 years. However, this size is mainly suitable for heights 53 to 57 inches. Females whose height ranges between 53 to 57 inches will be comfortable in a 24-inch bike.

Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes

#2. How tall should you be for a 24-inch bike?

If your height ranges between 4’5″ to 4’7″, then you may comfortably ride a 24-inch bike. The most important thing for a new rider is not falling from the bike while putting his feet on the ground. Another thing you need to remember is that all the children don’t have the same body proportions.

#3. What age is a 24-inch bike?

A 24-inch bike is mainly for the 8-10 years age group. So the kids will feel comfortable while riding a 24-inch bike. They will have a proper posture which will help the growing kids ride for a more extended period.

Can Adults Ride 24 Inch Bikes

Wrap Up

Bikes come with different frame and wheel sizes. A larger wheel can help in accommodating a heavier adult. So if you are heavy and sit on a bike with a small wheel, then the tire will burst. So your height and weight matter a lot while choosing a bike from the market.

The general rule of thumb is that if your feet touch the ground while sitting on the frame, that bike is suitable for you. If you don’t find this thing in your bike, it indicates that your height or weight is not suitable for the particular bike.

The most important thing is to ride a bike which will give you all sorts of comfort while riding.

Anyways, I hope you liked this article and didn’t forget to share your suggestions for this article. 

Happy Riding!