Can Bikes Get Wet? 10 Ways To Protect Your Bike From The Rain

Can bikes get wet and therefore damaged in the rain? Is it safe to leave your e-bike out in the rain? Let’s find out

The only difference between an e-bike and a manual bike is that it has components like a battery and a motor. These two components are what allows the bike to function. Its speed delivering ability and its portability is the reason why each and everyone prefers e-bikes, especially in metropolitan cities. 

E-bikes are the in thing. The e-bike market in the US is exploding at nearly 12.5% per annum. But as they are gaining popularity, many people are getting curious about their functionality and ability to withstand rain. The two most commonly asked questions are “will my bike get ruined in the rain” or “Can bikes get wet?”.

These questions make a lot of sense; after all, we are talking about electric bikes, and well, electricity and water are like a toxic couple!. However, electric bikes did have many examples to study from, especially cars. So did they learn the right lessons? 

Can Bikes Get Wet

Can electric bikes be used in the rain?

Ebikes can be ridden anywhere at any time, (yep including rains). Contrary to popular belief that e-bikes can easily survive rain, the only thing the rider needs to keep in mind is to stay away from diving straight into the pool of water or mud field pits. Most e-bikes are water-resistant but not waterproof. 

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Understand IP Ratings

The most important factor you need to keep in mind before investing in e-bikes is the IP Ratings. Retailers often get bombarded with questions like, are my bikes waterproof? 

As per manufacturers, most bikes are not waterproof but water-resistant. This means that the question you pose is wrong; the ideal question is how wet an e-bike can get? 

And this question can easily be answered by checking the details sent by the manufacturing companies. In the pamphlet provided by them, the water ingress limit will be mentioned.

Say, for example, if an electric bike has a rating of IP65, it means that the bike is dustproof and can withstand low-pressure water from any direction. 

The “6” represents resistance to solids (like dust), whereas the “5” represents resistance to liquids like water. The table below explains water resistance for various IP rating numbers.

IP Liquid Resistance Levels

LevelProtection From
1Vertical drops of water
2Water dropping upto a 15-degree angle
3Water sprayed on at less than 60-degree angle
4Water splashes
5Water sprays (upto a 6.3mm nozzle)
6Strong jets of water
7Upto 1m underwater
8Water-resistant beyond 1m

That said, always always check the IP rating of the bike. As stated above, an IP rating is found on the packaging, and if it isn’t there, please stay away; the bike is not worth your investment. 

Waterproof the battery

If you are an e-bike owner or plan to get one, your best bet is to waterproof the battery.

E-bikes batteries are very expensive, and the last thing you will want to have is to get them replaced. As stated above, e-bikes are water-resistant and not waterproof, so covering the bikes, whether a battery bag or waterproof spray is very important. 

These two will keep the battery safe. If not, then apply sealant on the battery cabin; this will prevent the water from seeping in. 

Now that you know that your E-bike can withstand water, here are tips that can provide extra protection to your e-bike and yourself when you are traveling. 

Can Bikes Get Wet

Fenders all the way!

Like normal bikes, e-bikes are water-resistant and can easily survive splashes, and the battery will not go into havoc mode if few droplets fall on it. But this doesn’t mean that you will legit dive into a pool of water thinking that your bike will withstand it. 

If you are a daily commuter and are going to ride daily, get fenders. Fenders will keep the water at bay and protect your bike. 

Weatherproof yourself and your stuff

The best way to keep yourself protected during rains is to get a raincoat or rain-resistant jacket. But keep in mind that the jacket or coat will keep you warm and not make you sweat like a big. 

If it is raining in the winters, try layering yourself with fleece, wool, bamboo-based viscose, polyester, etc., so that you can remove or add as per the weather demands. 

As far as your stuff is concerned, get a waterproof backpack or shoulder bag and keep all your other electronic and important stuff in zip locks. Lastly! Waterproof shoes will make your ride a lot easier and safer.

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Use Lights in the rain

Whenever you are riding your bike in the rain, always remember to use lights; this will alert all the other vehicles like cars, buses, vans, and trucks. And if you are riding on a cyclist track, then you will have to alert other bikers. 

When in the rain, slow down.

Riding your bike in the rain can make you feel very energetic; it can also be because riding harder faster keeps you warm in the rain. But sadly, riding faster can cause an accident, so it’s best to ride slowly when in the rain.

Can Bikes Get Wet

Keep the pressure of the tire low.

Keep the pressure of the tires low or adjust them as per the road conditions. This will help you in having firm control of the bike.

Corners are a big no-no.

Riding an electric bike can be great fun, and the extra ounce of power will improve the riding experience dramatically. Electric bike riders will feel like professional motorcyclists when riding an electric bike. 

But believe me, leaning onto the corners can lead to accidents or hurting your knees terribly. 

Always brake early!

Braking early is related to slowing down; e-bike in wet weather will take extra time to brake, which is why you have got to slow down and brake gradually. 

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Stay away from slippery spots.

Whenever it’s raining, the oil and gasoline will come into service, and this will make the roads extra slippery, so stay away from the slippery salts and row your bike easily. 

Lastly! Clean your bike after you are done riding

After you have done your ride on a rainy day, park your bike and lean dry it so that no droplets can harm it. 

Can Bikes Get Wet

Answers To More Questions About Bikes And Water

Can a bike be left in the rain?

No, your e-bikes should not be left in the rain, but if you do leave them in the open by mistake, no harm will be caused if you take proper precautions. Always protect your e-bikes by putting a waterproof cover on the bikes. But the best bet will be to keep your bike indoors. 

Is it bad if bikes get wet?

No, it isn’t, but if it does get wet, you should clean it immediately. As prolonged exposure can lead to the bike getting soiled. 

What should I do if my bike gets wet?

If your bike gets wet, clean it immediately and put it in a dry area.

What happens if your bike gets wet?

If you clean it immediately, no harm will be done, but if it’s kept in the rain, or uncleaned the bike can rust, and the worst-case scenario would be your motor getting spoiled. 

Can Bikes Get Wet

Bikes Can Get Wet. Most E-bikes Are Water Resistant.

That said, always check the IP ratings and make sure that you take care of your bikes with the tips that we mentioned above.

Happy Riding!