Can Bikes Have Radios?

Do you want to install a radio on your bike to listen to your jam while riding? Are you wondering, “Can bikes have radios?” This article will clarify all your doubts.

Yes, some bikes can be equipped with radio systems. When the Harley motorcycle company introduced the first motorcycle radio in 1921, it became famous quickly among the riders. In upcoming years bike radios have become more common and widely used by riders to communicate or listen to music. 

Why do you need a bike radio?

When you are looking for a bike with a sound system or a good option to add a sound system that will help you navigate or listen to music, you should install a bike radio. It also provides weather reports to you. There are more reasons you should have a radio in your vehicles.

Safe and easy to operate

Manufacturers install bike radios on the handle head to help the rider keep their hands near the handle. This feature ensures the rider’s safety and makes it easier to access the radio without removing their hands from the controls. For bike riders removing hands from the handle only leads to an unwanted accident.

Can Bikes Have Radios


You can install a radio from the market. Imagine you went out for a long ride without knowing that bad weather is waiting for you, but you should not worry because the radio is weatherproof, which means heat, cold, and rain can not harm your radio in any way. Weatherproofing also protects the bike radio from damaging outside shocks. You can also use FM radio to know where it is more crowded and when it will rain and save yourself and your bike from it.

Classic and aesthetics 

Most motorcycle brands provide this useful radio feature to improve their styling and make them more classic for riders. A true motorcyclist not only looks for speed or comfortability but also looks out for more appealing bikes.

A radio in a motorcycle provides an aesthetic feel to riders, and more motorcycle brands are trying to create vintage bikes by adding radio systems to their bike models.

Sound quality performance

Most people think bike radios are loud, and they are right because bike producers use radio systems powerful enough to audible even in starting engine noise. However, most cyclists like to listen to their playlists when riding a bike. If your bike radio is not loud, you can use amplifiers to amplify its strength. 

When looking for a factory-installed radio bike, you should consider its sound quality to get the best performance.

Open new door to media

There are more features in the bike radio system. Everybody likes to listen to the media or music during work, exercise, and even ride a bike. Having a radio fitted from factory options gives riders the mini power to control their playlist.

With the help of the radio, you can call or play music by commanding via your voice as new features are emerging every year.

Can Bikes Have Radios

Type of motorcycle radio

Intercom radios

When riding in teams, riders use intercom radios to communicate or transfer information with other riders. They use narrowed frequencies to create a network between the passengers and motorcyclists. Intercom radios are available in different sets, including wired sets and Bluetooth sets.

Radio speakers

You may have seen a radio speaker on bikes when traveling. These radios are loud and are similar to the race cars’ radio or truck radios. This system includes FM radio as well as a CD player to play music as you like. It also has a jack for headsets.

Helmet speakers

These sound systems are fitted inside a helmet, making it easier for you to operate by voice command. You can also use a helmet speaker on electric bikes, and it does not cover your ears completely; it helps you play music without putting you in danger. 

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Answers To Some More Questions About Bicycle Stereos

Which motorcycles have stereos?

Not all motorcycle companies have stereos; however, Harley Davidsons motorcycles have this feature. Other big companies like Honda built motorcycles with stereo systems and have additional features like radio. 

Do motorcycles have sound systems?

Yes, some motorcycles come with sound systems that you can use to communicate, listen to music, or get updates on the weather. If your bike or bike doesn’t come with a radio, you can install a radio on your bike. You can also use aftermarket radio in cars.

Why are motorcycle radios so loud?

The company designed the motorcycle’s radio-loud because the engine and exhaust pipe sound may cover the soft or low sound. Most riders cannot use the radio while riding because of the interruption caused by motorcycle engine sound or traffic noise. However, some people misuse the loud radio to get attention and disturb other people for no reason. 

Can Bikes Have Radios

What do bikers and riders use to talk to each other?

When bikers commute in groups, they seek a way to communicate and use the motorcycle radio. Some bikes have radios that work as intercoms such as FM, GMRS, and Bluetooth. They communicate with each other on FM radio by setting their frequency on it. You can also use the radio system in race cars.

What Harleys have radios?

Harley-Davidson manufactures motorcycle models that have a radio include. Some models with this feature are; Street Glide Standard, Road Glide Standard, Ultra Limited Low, Tri-Glide Standard, and Street Glide Special. There are Harley’s models that come with radio or stereo systems. 

Do we even need motorcycle radios in 2021?

Most probably, we riders don’t need a fitted radio because more advanced technologies replace the Motorcycle radios. You can use a Bluetooth helmet instead of radios to talk to other riders on the streets.

Radios are a great upgrade for your bike!

Nowadays, Traditional radio speakers have become less famous because most people prefer small and less expensive Bluetooth radios. However, you can still get a radio speaker for your bike with good sound quality from the market. 

Radio bikes and bicycles are also available in the market by many brands. They feel more classy than wireless Bluetooth. If you are a recreational cyclist, you must add a stereo to your bike to enjoy the holidays with music and fresh air. 

Do share your experience in case you decide to get a radio bike or install one in yours.

Happy riding!