Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths?

Can mountain bikes use public footpaths? Yes, you can take them on public footpaths, but keep the following tips in mind. 

Have a lovely mountain bike but no time to go exploring mountain trails? Need to walk through the city with your mountain bike? Wondering whether you can take your mountain bikes on public footpaths? Yes, I know this situation seems a bit awkward. Let’s look for the answer.

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths?

Honestly, you can ride your mountain bike on the road and even walk it down a public footpath, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind. 

Your mountain bike is heavier, so pedaling is going to be a lot slower and more difficult. But that’s not it; the most significant issue is the tires. 

Your mountain bikes have knobs, these knobs help you in traveling over the roots and rocks, and these knobs aren’t ideal for road riding. So if you plan to use your mountain bike on roads or footpaths, try to change out your tires. Normal roads will ruin the knobs and will wear them down.

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Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths UK?

In the UK, the highway code restricts people from carrying or walking with their bicycles on a public footpath. UK rules consider riding your bike on the footpath as a nuisance. Footpaths are considered to be exclusively for the use of pedestrians.

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths

How Do I Make My Mountain Bike Run Smoothly on the Road?

It would be best if you locked your suspension! Now that you have decided to take your mountain bike on the road or public footpaths. 

Your suspension might do wonders when riding over rocks and roots, but footpath riding will make the bike more stuff. 

Maybe Buy New Wheels and Tires?

As I said above, your mountain bike tires will not work on footpaths and roads, so if you want to ride on roads to get good tires, the ideal ones would be 1.5 slick tires. And if you don’t want to get new tires, change the amount of air in your tires to 40 to 50 PSI. 

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths

Etiquettes for Riding on the Footpath

You will ride your bike on a footpath, which is why you will have to follow some basic etiquette! 

Always wear a helmet.

Now wearing a helmet isn’t necessary, but as per research, it is believed that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 70 %. Head injuries are the major reason behind fatal bike accidents, and around 97% of the victims were not wearing helmets. Safe to say, your helmet will save your life. 

Make sure your bike is completely fine.

Contrary to popular belief, bike accidents aren’t always caused by a distracted driver or an unexpected bump. Malfunctioning bicycle equipment is the major reason behind crashes, so you can reduce the risk of equipment-related bikes by thoroughly checking your bikes and gears before you proceed to hit the road. 

Check if your tires are fine, your reflections and lights are working perfectly, the gears are free of fractures, defects, and other issues. If you keep all this in mind, you can prevent life-altering accidents. 

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Wear reflective clothing

Another most significant reason behind bike accidents is low visibility; if a driver can’t see, your chances of you getting hurt are high. Accidents like these usually take place at intersections, which is why you must install reflectors on your bike and wear bright and reflective clothing. 

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths

Your hands should always be on your bike. 

Driving with one hand or both hands of the handle may seem incredible, but it will create a disbalance, so think before you go handsfree, especially when you are on a footpath, because last moment balancing act can do more harm than good.

Be aware of all the signals.

Another reason behind bike accidents is faulty bike hand signals, so you must be aware of the bike hand signals. You should be able to communicate with drivers and other bike riders. A driver? Pedestrians will not anticipate your moves, so you need to inform them beforehand with your hand signals. This will reduce the chances of accidents. 

Don’t get distracted. 

Easier said than done, but try not to get distracted. Another major cause of bike accidents is distractions. Honestly! Riding a bike is a great experience; you get fresh air, an opportunity to disconnect from the day-to-day hustle, which is why you should put in your 100% while riding, keep everything, including your gadgets, in the bag. Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of your surroundings. 

Ride your bike as if you are riding a car

As weird as it sounds, you will be able to stay clear of accidents if you drive your bike as if you are driving a car. In simpler terms, don’t criss-cross drive, don’t ignore the traffic signals, and don’t cut lanes at once. It is easier to do all this when you are riding your bike, but by this, you can surprise the other driver and limit your visibility. Keep yourself safe and drive peacefully and correctly. 

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Ride in the same manner as the traffic flows

Traveling in the same direction as other pedestrians are walking will reduce accidents as you are not going against the flow. 

Safe to say yes! You can ride your mountain bikes on public footpaths, but you need to keep the points mentioned above and ensure that your bike is in perfect condition. 

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths

Answers To More Questions About Using Mountain Bikes On Footpaths.

Can mountain bikes go on footpaths?

Yes, your mountain bikes can go on footpaths, but try to change the pressure of your tires or get new tires, as your mountain bike tires aren’t meant for public footpaths. 

Can you walk a bike on a public footpath?

Yes! You can walk your bike on a public footpath but make sure you steer clear from other pedestrians and arent hurting them in any manner. 

Is it illegal to push a bike on a public footpath?

No, it isn’t illegal to push a bike on a public footpath, you need to be wary of your surroundings while driving, and you are good to go. 

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths

Yes, You Can Ride Your Mountain Bike On a Footpath

While it’s a bit of a nuisance for pedestrians, mountain bikes have not been restricted from riding on footpaths in the US (the case is different in the UK). However, you should keep in mind that mountain bikes have different types of tires, and they can get damaged if you try to ride your bike on a normal footpath.