Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack?

Roof racks are the best way for transporting multiple bikes because they usually have a very high weight capacity. But can you get 4 bikes on a roof rack? Let’s find out.

Sometimes you might want to go to trails with your friends and ride your bike when you get there. If you are pooling your car, then you might end up in a situation where you have many bikes but only one car to carry them. The best option is to install a roof rack on your vehicle. 

If you don’t have a pickup, roof racks are an excellent accessory that helps transport bikes without having to invest money in a trailer. They are available in different sizes and styles aimed at fitting various designs of the automobile. 

That said, even a roof rack has some limitations, which is why some readers asked us recently: can you get 4 bikes on a roof rack? The answer is yes; you can take four bikes at a time on the roof rack. 

In this article, we discuss more roof racks and how you can carry four bikes on the roof rack in detail.

Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack

What Are Roof Mounting Bike Racks?

The roof mounting bike racks are the most popular form of transporting multiple bikes from one place to another. 

There are two designs of roof racks: Some designs will force you to remove the front tire and seat of your bike to carry them from one place to another, whereas other designs are available in the market where you can take more than three bikes at a time. 

So, it varies from one design to another. It’s best to check the car manual regarding weight-bearing capacity and then load bikes according to the car’s weight.

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What Is a Roof Box?

Some brands are available in the market that offers you a roof box and roof mounting bike rack. The advantages of a roof box are that it will protect your bike from various environmental conditions. 

Many people prefer to buy roof racks along with roof boxes so that their bikes will not fade in color or rust after being exposed to rain, heat, or snow. The roof box helps your bike last longer.

Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack

Taking Care Of Roof Height

One common problem with adding a bike to the roof of your car is that it extends the height of the car. So, there are chances that you might be forgetful and hit a low ceiling while driving on roads that do not allow vehicles of a certain height, areas such as low bridges, and when you are parking your car in a sheltered space like a garage. 

You need to remove your bike from the car to drive in low heightened regions safely. Well, removing it is easy. But you may need a ladder to take out your bike safely. I will never advise you to stand on the top of the car and take out your bike.

Advantages Of Roof Rack

  • Keeping bikes on the roof rack will never block the number plate or obstruct your vehicle’s rear lights. So you don’t have to pay a ticket to the authorities as you may require to pay in other rear roof racks.
  • The roof racks help in holding the bikes properly. You can also secure them with a lock. You can quickly put the bikes on the roof rack and remove them.
  • Secure and stable
  • Roof racks can carry almost anything: be it your fishing equipment or kayaks or paddleboards. They are much more versatile than hitch racks.
Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack

Disadvantages Of Roof Racks

  • You have to remember to take down the bike whenever you reach a place that has a low ceiling.

How Can You Transport 4 Bikes On Roof Rack At A Time?

A roof rack uses a crossbar to hold your bike and transport it to your desired destination. If the crossbar of your roof rack is 43 inches in length, then you can easily fit four at a time. 

You can also alter the direction of each bike so that all the bikes will be close to each other.

You need to follow the steps below to transport four bikes at a time. Let’s discuss them below.

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#1. Get A Roof Rack

If you have a crossbar on the roof of your vehicle, then you need to buy a roof rack from the market. But if you don’t have one, you have to install the crossbar on the top of your car. 

The benefit of using a crossbar is to adjust the distance between the bars. But remember to install the crossbar perfectly; otherwise, your bike may fly off if you are moving too fast.

In a roof-mounted rack, you can hold one bike in each rack. So, for installing four bikes, you have to install four bike racks on your car. The roof rack will hook on the crossbar and depends on the tension to be in the proper place.

Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack

#2. Measure Distance Between crossbar and rack

Now hold a measuring tape and start measuring the distance between the crossbar and the rack. Then measure the distance between each crossbar. 

These measurements will help you in knowing whether the bike will fit on your vehicle or not. However, most of the roof racks are adjustable, but they have some adjustable range.

#3. Check Website 

The style of crossbars differs from one vehicle to another. You need to check the manufacturer’s website to verify whether your bike will fit appropriately on the bike rack.

#4. Read The Instructions Of The Rack

Bike racks are available in a wide variety of designs. The process of installing a bike rack differs from one brand to another. So, you need to first read the instructions before installing a bike rack on the roof of your car. Most of the roof racks will clip on the wheel side of each crossbar to be in their proper place.

Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack

#5. Hook The Roof Rack On Each Of The Crossbar

At first, you need to assemble the bike rack on the ground and then take the help of a ladder and put the rack on the top of the crossbar. But the bar should be in the unlocked position. You need to attach the bar on the crossbars, so they should be perpendicular to the crossbar.

You will observe that there will be four mounting screws on the front of the bike rack. You should attach the screws to the front of the crossbar. 

Similarly, the back screws of the bike rack will fit the back of the crossbar. The screws should be in the proper position before installing knobs. Similarly, repeat the procedure for installing the other three bike racks on your car.

#6. Mount The Bike And Lock The Wheels

First, you need to remove the front tire of your bike and mount the bike fork onto a skewer and tighten it so that it will not displace from its position. 

Next, you need to fit the rear wheel of your bike to the wheel holder and tighten it with the help of a knob. Now take the ratchet strap and tighten the rear wheel, but you should not overtighten it. Now repeat the same procedure for the other three bikes. 

Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack

Answers To Other Questions About Roof Racks

#1. How many bikes can a roof rack hold?

You can carry four bikes at a time on the roof rack of your vehicle. You can easily install the bikes on the roof of your vehicle. But for each bike, you need a set of crossbars and a bike rack for installation.

#2. How do you put four bikes on a bike rack?

You need to install the bike rack on the crossbar of your car. Then mount the bike on each bike rack, but each bike should face an alternative direction to be closer to each other and not displace from their position.

#3. Is there a bike rack for four bikes?

Yes, there are bike racks that will carry four bikes at a time. But most bicyclists don’t like to take four bikes at a time on the trunk rack because of the increase in weight. Well, they prefer to use a roof rack to carry four bikes at a time.

#4. Can I put three bikes on a roof rack?

Yes, you can easily carry three bikes at a time on the roof rack. But if you want to take more than four bikes, you have to use both the roof rack and rear rack at a time.

Can You Get 4 Bikes On a Roof Rack

Wrap Up

Roof racks are great for transporting the bike. You don’t have to disassemble the bike to reach one place to another altogether. Again, they don’t damage your car. 

Make sure that your bike is fastened securely. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your bike and car. Again, you need to take care of your vehicle and bike while driving in low ceiling places.

I hope this article has helped in knowing the steps to install a roof rack properly on the car and how to transport four bikes at a time to the desired location.

Don’t forget to share your suggestions for this article in the comment section.

Happy Riding!