Can You Use Car Grease For Bikes? No, You Should Not

If you own both a bike and a car, you might have wondered: “Can you use car grease for bikes.” The answer is no, and we will explain why in the article below

Bikes require proper care from time to time for their effective working. You must know your bike will not last long if you don’t take proper care of it. Just like other vehicles, bikes also require regular maintenance for optimizing their performance. 

The most important part of maintenance is cleaning and lubrication, which you must regularly do whether you ride your bike every day or not. 

When it comes to bearing lubrication, many people ask, Can you use car grease for bikes? Let us try to demystify this topic today. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • Importance of bike Grease 
  • Can You use any grease on the bike? 
  • Difference between Car Grease and Bike Grease 

Importance of Bike Grease 

The right bike grease increases the life of your bike. It also saves you money on costly repairs. Bike grease protects your bike’s moving parts from wear and tear due to friction and also keeps the bike away from rust or corrosion. 

Bike grease also keeps your bike waterproof to ensure the bike’s main components work freely and keep moving effectively. 

Bike grease usually comes in the form of semi-solid lubricants. 

Can You Use Any Grease on Bikes? 

Can you use any automotive grease on the bike? The answer is no; you can not use just any grease on the bike. 

The main parts that require grease are saddle posts and bolt threads; they are vital bike parts that need proper lubrication to prevent performance. 

Bike grease is made specifically for bike performance, so it is always better to opt for bike grease for lubrication of the chain and other metal parts instead of relying on any other grease like car grease, other chain lubricants, and more. 

You can easily get bike grease at any local or retail shop. However, make sure not to buy the cheap stuff because it can cause more harm than good to your bike. 

Can You Use Car Grease For Bikes

Can You Use Automotive Grease on Bike Chain?

What is the right type of grease for bikes? Any grease of any type is usually made for similar work, and usually, the ingredients are also the same, but it does not mean that car grease and bike grease are similar. 

The main ingredients of greases do not vary. All greases are lithium or silicon-based. This is the main reason why people think all greases are the same. 

But in reality, there is one major difference between them, which further affects the bike’s performance. Indeed, that is why they are categorized differently. As per International standards, all greases come under different categories based on usage.


The major difference between bike grease and car grease is, car grease is much thicker than other greases. You must be wondering why car grease is thicker? 

This is because cars are engine-based and have the power to run electricity or heat, which heats the components much more than mere friction. 

So when grease is applied to the car’s engine or other important parts, the heat is enough to vaporize oil. Thin grease would vaporize in a car engine. 

Thick grease does not get vaporized. It prevents overheating of the engine. Moreover, car grease is much stickier than bike grease. 

Bike grease is not thick, as bikes don’t produce much heat like other vehicles. And when you use car grease or a thicker substance in a bike, your grease may work “too” well. After all, a little bit of friction is imperative for the movement of your chain and wheels. Too much of a good thing can also be bad in the case of car grease.

This is why it is important to consider only bike grease for bike lubrication. 


Since car grease is thicker and heavier than bike grease, it is also much more expensive than bike grease. 

Many brands offer cheap greases, but after all, it is about the performance of your expensive vehicle, so you should not compromise on the quality of the grease. While bike grease is a little cheaper than car grease, you should never use it in your car, and the reverse is a big no-no. 

Parts of Bike That Needs Lubrication 

There are two main components of bikes that need regular lubrication to avoid any engine issues and enhance the bike’s performance. 

Threads and Clamped Parts 

This is sure that we don’t need to lubricate the entire bike; bike threads, pivot points, screw threads, and brake pads are the most important parts that require oiling. 

Lubricating these components with bike grease regularly is the only way to enhance their lifespan. You can even use car grease on them to create a thick layer to avoid corrosion. 


Disc brakes, pedal threads, bottom brackets, and pulley require lubrication for smooth and safe riding. It is important to know that you must apply bike grease only on a clean bike. 

You must clean the particular area before you apply grease on it, and never use any grease on bearings as it will slow down the movement. 

Can You Use Car Grease For Bikes


What can I use instead of bike grease? 

The common alternatives of bike grease are olive oil, household grease, or any vegetable oil, as they are not thicker and work the same way as bike grease. 

What should I use to lubricate my bike? 

Bike grease is the most important thing used for lubricating the bike; if you don’t have bike grease, it is never a bad idea to look for their alternatives. 

Can You Use Car Grease For Bikes

It Would Be Best If You Never Used Car Grease For Bikes 

Can you use any grease on a bike? The answer is no; car grease is thicker and is designed to operate under high-temperature environments inside a car engine. 

If you use this thick car grease on your bike, you might end up making your bike too friction-free and therefore impossible to use.