Can You Use Copper Grease On Bikes: The Ultimate Guide

It is common to be confused between using copper grease and normal grease and their usability. Can you use copper grease on bikes, for example? Let us find out.

With the world moving towards a dystopian future, mechanical transportation is going to be the solution. Bikes have been around for two centuries and will probably outlast a few more. Most of us have had or have a bike in our childhood, or even when we become older. But are our bikes well maintained and oiled for the future?

You must be wondering what kind of maintenance a bike might need?

Well, my friend, if you want to pedal around non-stop without worrying, then your bike needs love and care. The first step in maintenance is to oil and grease the joints, nuts, and bolts. Keeping your bike in great shape is where copper grease plays a vital role.

Can You Use Copper Grease On Bikes

What is Copper Grease?

You can find Copper grease in almost every bike repair shop. Many even call it Mounting paste. Copper grease is primarily used on bolt threads and posts before mounting any parts. 

The main reason for using Copper grease is that it provides additional torque required to tighten the section as far as possible without friction.


Copper Grease is primarily used for assembling exhausts, battery poles, and spark plug threads in addition to connectors and brake parts.


Copper Grease has anti-seize and anti-corrosive properties. It primarily contains mineral oils, copper, and graphite flakes in addition to a thickening base.

Can You Use Copper Grease on Bikes?

For ages, copper grease has been regarded as the best choice to mount various bike parts. However, with the advent of newer generation carbon bikes, people have diversified to other forms of bike grease. 

Copper Grease is also commonly used in exhaust clamps and fasteners to prevent rust from damaging the joint sections.

Can You Use Copper Grease On Bikes

Advantages of using Copper Grease

Protection against rust

The most crucial advantage of using mounting paste or grease is that it protects the metallic segment of the bike from corrosion. We all know that rust is bad for any metal. Given that bikes are constantly used outdoors, moisture and other elements are bound to stick on the metal framing.

Accurate tightening

Tightening the noose of the nuts and screws along the thread can be difficult sometimes. Too much friction and uneven bolt thread surface can hamper the tightening. However, the application of grease smears the thread surface to allow maximum tightening.

Smoother brake operation

The squealing of the brakes is a common problem most bike users have seen at least a few times in their life. The main reason for the squealing noise is the absence of greasing between the brake calipers. 

Used between brake pins, copper grease provides the necessary finesse to the calipers for smooth brake operation. Copper grease is also called ‘Anti-seize’ lubricant for this purpose.

Non-reactive to most compounds

Copper Grease does not show any reaction to salt, humidity, and chemical reagents. Thus making it an excellent Anti-seize reagent.

Can You Use Copper Grease On Bikes

Application of Copper Grease – Points to note

  • The most crucial point one should never forget is that Copper grease should never be mixed with any other chemical agent. This is particularly important in regards to grease and oils. 
  • The second crucial point is that Copper Grease is not an alternate solution to grease. So, it is essential to use copper grease on mountings and regular grease for ball bearings.
  • Copper grease does not need to apply in a thick paste format. Instead, you should spread out a thin, even layer out along the entire surface. You should take care to coat every thread surface well with a thin film of Copper Grease.
  • It is not necessary to re-apply Copper grease every few days, unlike grease. Over time, even if the copper grease dissolves away, it leaves behind a thin film of flakes. These flakes are made of non-reactive material that prevents rapid oxidation, which is the usual cause of rusting. 
  • Every section of a bike requires a different reagent for conditioning and greasing. It is important to never mix these agents as each of them has a particular functionality only.
  • It is always best to apply Copper Grease using a fibreless cloth or brush. Using hands without a protective shield is a bad idea as it may cause skin issues.

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Answers To Other Questions About Copper Grease

When should you not use copper grease?

Copper Grease offers very little lubrication, so it is imperative to note that you should never use it on the rubber padding of the brakes. It is called Anti-seize paste for a reason. The corrosive action of the Copper Grease causes damage to the brakes’ rubber padding and reduces their efficiency.

Additionally, it is an excellent conductor of heat. This may cause rubber burns on the brake pads, thus increasing the chances of accidents.

Can You Use Copper Grease On Bikes

What grease is suitable for bikes?

The most common choice for Bikes is multipurpose grease. It serves numerous purposes and is a one-stop solution. From lubrication to Anti-seize, you can use them for all the requirements. 

However, with the advent of newer bikes, like Carbon frame Bikes, there is a need to use only a specific kind of grease to prevent damage to the framework.

In conclusion, it is best to choose a grease with a perfect industrial performance rating and complies with all the required standards of bike maintenance.

Can you use any grease on bikes?

Absolutely Not. Unless you are using multipurpose grease, it is best never to try using random grease. 

What’s the difference between grease and copper grease?

Grease is primarily used for lubrication. However, Copper grease is not a lubricant. Its alternatively known as Anti-seize paste for a reason. Its primary purpose is to prevent seizing corrosions of metallic surfaces and joints.

Can You Use Copper Grease On Bikes

A Healthy Bike Is a Safer Bet for Your Long Life!

You do not want to slide off the road just because your bike brakes are not working. Nor do you wish for a mounted segment to come off at a very wrong time. 

Careful maintenance of the bike not only ensures that it runs smoothly for ages but prevents you from having unnecessary mishaps while riding it. Hence never forgo bike maintenance, and make sure that you use the right products for the right parts.

Happy Riding!