How Good Are Polygon Bikes?

How Good Are Polygon Bikes

How good are polygon bikes? Polygon bikes are a range of high-quality bikes with advanced technology and give a great riding experience. Read on to know more about polygon bikes. Polygon bikes are one of the most popular bike brands in Australia. They offer a wide range of bikes and have been manufacturing bikes for … Read more

Why Bikes Don’t Pay Tolls

Why Bikes Don't Pay Tolls

Ever wondered why bikes don’t pay toll? You are not allowed to ride on toll roads with bikes. In the US, the toll charges are usually covered by federal funding. Read on to know more. All of us have travelled on highway roads once in a while and have paid taxes on toll plazas. You … Read more

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need?

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need

Do you want to buy a new bike but aren’t too sure? After all, how many bikes do you really need? When should you not add another one to your garage? All the answers are right here!  If you love bikes, you must be wondering how many bikes do I need? Well, it depends on … Read more

Do Pit Bikes Break Easily

Do Pit Bikes Break Easily

Do you wish to buy a pit bike? Do pit bikes break easily? Here is everything you need to know before getting a new pit bike, especially for off-road riding.  Why is a pit bike called a pit bike? It is because these certain motorcycle brands specifically manufactured these bikes for riding in a pit. … Read more