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Consider The Ribbon Cut!

Levi Leipheimer’s taking down walls, reviewing carpet swatches, and picking out curtains: Welcome to his newly redesigned website! We’re all just getting started here, but soon this site will be full of all the hustle and the bustle around the US’s premier cyclist. Look for race schedule, biographical information, palmares/race results, photos, video posts, charity partners, and, most importantly, news and updates about Levi’s upcoming documentary on his cycling career, Levi’s GranFondo, and the amazing bike life in his home of Sonoma County, California.

Produced by Bike Monkey with Citizen Pictures behind the camera, we’re already shooting and are pretty positive you won’t be able to resist checking out the trailer (embedded above). Should you be able to hold still this long, we’re looking at a fall 2012 release. Should you not be able to hold still that long, you’ll at least have our sympathies and understanding. Keep it right here for more info or, better yet, sign up here for updates delivered directly to your inbox.

In the meantime, check out Levi’s race schedule and get yourself over to the roadside (or trailside) to give this man some solid cheering. Or better yet, get out on your bike. If there’s one thing we’ve all got in common, it’s the belief that there’s no better way to spend a day than in the saddle.