Do Hotels Allow Bikes? All You Need To Know Before Taking Your Bike To A Hotel

If you are traveling alone to a distant city and carrying your bike with you, I am sure you must have thought to yourself: “Do hotels allow bikes?”. Read on to know if they do.

Love biking, and love staying in various places? You are not alone. The Outdoor Industry Association’s 2013 study showed that Americans are spending more on bicycling trips and gear than on place tickets. Clearly, this is a growing trend.

Do Hotels Allow Bikes

Do Hotels Allow Bikes?

If you are traveling to a cycling location, I’m sure this thought “do hotels allow bikes or not” would have come up in your head. 

To answer this question: Yes, some hotels do allow bikes, and some don’t. It’s pretty simple. But what matters the most is how you prepare for the bike trip and the etiquette you need to follow if your hotel allows the bikes.

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So Before You Go! Follow These Tips

Your accommodation should be pre-booked

Always pre-book your accommodation. If you are going alone and have your bike and bag, and you are traveling in and out of the same station, then the ideal thing to do is to pre-book the first and the last night at the same place. 

While you are booking the hotel, make sure to ask whether the hotel will be able to accommodate your bike bag or your bike box while you are away! 

This way, you will be able to enjoy the ride. Honestly! A lot of small hotels are very accommodating. 

Do Hotels Allow Bikes

Before booking check the facilities being offered by the accommodation

In recent years, bikers are becoming a more common phenomenon. Many lodges, B&B, hostels, and hotels have become aware of cyclists’ needs. 

Cyclists need a few things like locks, alarms, and CCTVs. So before you finalize the accommodation, check whether they have these facilities or not. 

Most of them, especially those who love to have cyclists over, will advertise these facilities beforehand.

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Your best bet! research

Want to make the best out of the cycling trip? Research! Read and study a lot about the locations that you are planning to visit. The research will help you get a fresh perspective of the area, and at times will let you ride on little-known trails. 

And in case you have decided to go to lesser-known places, then research will help you enjoy the place at its best. 

Do Hotels Allow Bikes

Make a list before packing.

Making a list will let you keep everything in check and avoid last moment rush. Making a list will save a lot of time and keep last moment hassle at bay. You can also have a refreshing trip if you have everything in check and everything in hand.

How to pack your bike: cardboard, bag, or a box?

Many bikers, especially those traveling for the first time, are often confused about whether to use a cardboard box, a hardshell box, or a soft carry bag for carrying the bike. 

Honestly, the decision depends upon the budget and the amount of time you travel. Hard cardboard boxes are typically the cheapest and quickest, but if you have more time, then you could go with the other options.

So think carefully, research thoroughly, and then proceed to buy the one that you want. 

Now that you have the box, pack the bike safely, and you are ready to go. Keep in mind that you have to pack it thoroughly to keep it safe. 

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Wrapping up the bike

Wrapping the bike is a very important step; this will ensure that your bike is reaching safely. Try and wrap it with bubble wrap or pipe insulation, and your bike is good to go. 

Do Hotels Allow Bikes

Keep the little bits safely.

Your bike has many small parts like screws, pedals, hangers, etc. Sadly these bits can easily get damaged. So keep in mind while you are packing. And keep a replacement just in case. 

Zip ties and duct tapes are your life savior. 

Zip ties and duct tapes are your all-time favorite, keep a few wraps in the corner, and your bike is ready to go. 

Rules/ Guidelines To Follow Once You Are In the Hotel

Keep Your Bike Clean

Always carry a rag cloth and wipe the entire bike before entering the hotel. This is important, especially if you are coming from the rain. Clean the tires thoroughly, and don’t, don’t leave a trail of mud on the floor. 

Keep Away From Crowded Elevators

Never enter a crowded elevator with your bike. Suppose you see that a lot of people are in the elevator already don’t enter. Everyone, including the hotel staff, will appreciate it. 

Do Hotels Allow Bikes

Keep You Bike Away From The Hotel Linen

Now that you have entered the room keep the bike away from the bed sheet, furniture, or curtains; this will protect them from grease stains.

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Avoid Putting Your Bike On The Carpets

Though this is a bit unavoidable, keep the bikes away from carpets; keep them in the hardwood or tile area (if you have them). 

Bikes can be messy even after washing them, and debris/water can fall from the bike and soil the carpets. If you have a private balcony, then parking your bike there is the best bet. 

Do Not Use Hotel Towels For Cleaning

This may look a bit tempting, but avoid cleaning your bike with hotel towels; this is uncool and unacceptable. 

Do Hotels Allow Bikes

Never Hurts To Say Please And Thank You!

Last but not least, always thank the hotel staff for accommodating you and your bike. 

Answers to More Questions About Traveling With Your Bike

Can I take my bike to a hotel?

Yes, you definitely can take your bike to a hotel if your hotel allows you to, and keep in mind that even if they do, you have to be respectful about a lot of things. 

Can I take my bike to a Travelodge?

Yes, you can take your bike into a Travelodge, but make sure you follow their rules and guidelines. 

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Do hostels have bike storage?

Many hostels do, but if they don’t, all you need to do is walk upto the storage information center, and they will direct you to the closest bike storage that will keep your bike safe. 

Are bikes allowed in Target stores?

Earlier, Target stores didn’t allow people to ride bikes and come to their stores, but lately, they have started allowing people to come on their bikes. Nowadays, they have specific parking spots for the people who are coming on their bikes. 

Do Hotels Allow Bikes

Yes, Most Hotels Do Allow Bikes

But the thing to understand is that you have to be respectful of their rules and guidelines and make sure that your bike does not become a nuisance for the hotel cleaning staff. Keep your bike clean at all times. Try to avoid carrying your bike to common spaces in the hotel and make sure that you are not hampering anyone.

Happy Riding!