Do Travelodge Allow Bikes?

If you are a cyclist and want to take your bike on your next vacation, you would want to know, do Travelodge allow bikes? In this article, we will answer this question in detail.

Cycling is becoming a major activity in the US. Nearly 50mn people are involved in cycling, and the trend is growing every year as environmental consciousness rises and bicycles evolve to become better at adventure activities such as all-terrain biking and mountain biking.

However, it is also true that cycling tourism was not a big trend in the past, and that is why many hotels and Travelodge did not allow guests to bring their bikes with them. If you are planning a cycling trip to your favorite mountain biking trail, you might want to check out: do Travelodge allow bikes in the area?

Unfortunately, many states still do not allow Travelodge to accept bikes, whereas it is fairly easy to keep your bikes with you in others. You need to make sure that the place you are staying is bike-friendly. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • Which hotels allow bikes?
  • Hotel Ethics for Bike owners?
  • Where to store your bike?
  • Services offered by Bike Friendly Hotels 
  • Bike Friendly States in the USA 
Do Travelodge Allow Bikes

Do Hotels Store Bikes? 

If you are touring by bike, it is important to confirm that the Hotel you are staying at gives you the benefit of storing a bike. Although, there are two options for storing a bike in a hotel: either you can take the bike in the room, or the Hotel offers a separate storage room for storing your bike. 

To know whether the Hotel allows you to store bikes, you need to confirm by calling the front desk of the hotel you are choosing. 

In recent times, many innovative hotels offer bike-friendly amenities and services that allow their guests to explore the surroundings in their loveable bikes. 

Here we are listing a few bike-friendly hotels in the US. 

Willows Lodge 

Willows Lodge is well located in Washington wine country. The Hotel offers the safest treks of the city for cycling along with scenic views. The Burke Gilman, 25 miles trail, runs all the way to Seattle. So while you go out on vacation to Seattle, willows lodge is a perfect option when it comes to bike-friendly hotels. You will get complimentary bike rentals here. 

Hotel El Ganzo

El Ganzo is located in Los Cabos, Mexico. The Hotel is at a waterfront location with a 3.2 miles bike path that comes along many sights on the way. While you plan to rent a bike from the Hotel, it is never a bad idea; you can opt for the Hotel’s cruiser bikes. 

Do Travelodge Allow Bikes

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa 

The Hyatt at Huntington Beach is one of the popular hotels for tourists in California. You can enjoy the world’s great Broadwalk now as this is a perfect option for a bike-friendly vacation. With amazing weather all year round, you can anytime get your bike or rent one from Hotel’s beach store. You can get bikes here for every family member. 

The Chatwal, Luxury Hotel 

The Chatwal luxury hotel in New York allows you to get your own bike or complimentary rent from the hotel. 

# The Hermosa Inn

The Hermosa Inn, Arizona, allows you to explore or take a spin of the neighborhoods of Arizona on a bike. The hotel provides complimentary bikes to all its guests. 

Hotel Ethics for Bike Owners 

As a traveling biker or a cyclist, we must remember what hotel etiquette must be followed to maintain a great relationship with the Hotel. 

  • You must keep the bike’s tires clean so that you don’t take a trail of mud or dirt onto your room. 
  • In case the Hotel has an elevator, never crowd it while taking your bike on an elevator. 
  • While you are in the room, take proper care of the chain of the bike. Try to keep it away from bed sheets or curtains. 
  • Never store your bike in the carpeted room of the Hotel. Instead, it is recommended to store your bike on hardwood floors or tiles. 
  • Do not use hotel towels to keep your bike clean. 
Do Travelodge Allow Bikes

Where To Keep Your Bike At a Bike Friendly Hotel

Most bike-friendly hotels come with a policy that allows bikes inside the Hotel. They come with two options: 

Inside the Room 

In some hotels, you are allowed to take your bike inside the room, but there are some rules and regulations like you must clean the tires before you take it inside the room and make your room free from dirt or dust on the bike. 

Storage Room 

You will also get an option of a storage room; usually, many bike-friendly hotels have a small storage room at the back of the room where you can easily keep your bike under your eye. 

Before you head to the Hotel with your bike or want to rent a bike over there, make sure you contact the Hotel’s reception and confirm the policy of the Hotel. 

Services Offered By Bike Friendly Hotels 

Now let us have a look at some of the services that road biking friendly hotels offer: 

  • Lockable storage rooms for Bikes 
  • Bicycle rooms with CCTV 
  • Bike Locks 
  • Repair Corner
  • Bike Cleaning Services 
  • Facility for drying cycling clothes 
  • GPS Tour data service
  • Map sheets 
Do Travelodge Allow Bikes

Bike Friendly States in the USA 

While you consider taking your bikes into a hotel, make sure you know where you are going for a vacation is a bike-friendly place or not. Here we are listing bike-friendly states of the USA.

  • San Francisco  
  • Washington DC 
  • Minneapolis 
  • Oakland 
  • Portland 
  • Boston 
  • Seattle 
  • Denver 
  • Chicago 
  • Baltimore 
  • San Jose 
  • Atlanta and many more. 


# Can you take bikes into Premier Inn? 

Yes, all hotels associated with Premier Inn are bike-friendly hotels. So whether you are looking to take your bike inside the room or store it safely in another room, you have a great option of choosing hotels from Premier Inn. 

# Is it illegal to have a passenger on a bicycle? 

Suppose a person carries more passengers than the number it is designed for, then it is an offense to have a passenger on a bicycle. Make sure you get through state laws before you carry a person with you on a bicycle. 

Do Travelodge Allow Bikes

# Does Travelodge have 24 hr reception? 

Yes, most Travelodge has 24 hours reception with complete customer service. 

Final Verdict 

Before taking your bike on your next vacation, make sure you know which Hotel is bike-friendly and gives you great services that make your vacation memorable.

Be mindful of the rules and regulations of your hotel, and make sure not to cause inconvenience to other guests.

Happy riding!