How Bad Are Apollo Bikes?

As a cyclist, you might have seen debates on online review boards about whether Apollo bikes are good or bad. So how bad are Apollo bikes? Let us find out.

Apollo bikes are one of the largest selling and oldest bike brands in the UK. Apollo offers a wide range of mountain bikes to dirt bikes to road bikes, and they have a bike for every kind of rider. 

As a cyclist, you might have seen debates on online review boards about whether Apollo bikes are good or bad. The main concern is about their dirt bikes. 

While most manufacturing for Apollo happens in Australia, their dirt bikes are manufactured in China, and buyers are concerned whether they use high-quality parts in manufacturing because the bikes are quite cheap. People are apprehensive about their stability and sturdiness. In this article, we will figure out how good or bad are Apollo bikes 

What we will be covering:

  • Apollo Bicycles, everything you need to know
  • Where are Apollo bikes manufactured
  • A review of their dirt bikes, and whether you should get them
  • Answers to frequently asked questions on Apollo bikes
How Bad Are Apollo Bikes

Apollo Bikes

Apollo bikes is a renowned and one of the biggest cycling brands that have offered a wide range of well-designed bikes available for cyclists of every age group since 1930.

Being the oldest cycle brand in the UK, Apollo manufactures simple and high-quality bikes for everyday cyclists. The brand has offered excellent quality on two-wheelers for the last 90 years. 


Whether you want to go out with your friends for mountain biking, Apollo has different mountain bikes, or you want to commute daily to your school, nothing is much better than a folding bike from Apollo. Apollo has every kind of bike for every type of cyclist. 

Innovative Design

Apollo bikes work on a simple formula- Cycling made simple. The main motive of Apollo bikes is to design innovative and extraordinary designs for the cyclists of the UK. The wide range of cycles from Apollo is customized to suit a family. 

High Quality

Apollo bikes for adults and kids go through the same testing process to ensure outstanding performance. 

How Bad Are Apollo Bikes

Apollo Bikes: A Variety Of Options

Apollo Kids Bikes 

Apollo has designed kids’ bikes with great and exciting children’s characters and various fun designs to make cycling fun for your kids. Apollo has come up with high-quality and a variety of kids’ bikes. 

Apollo Dirt Bikes 

Apollo dirt bikes are a perfect option for off-road riding. You are looking to face a challenge off-road, then Apollo dirt bikes are what you need. There are many options available in Apollo dirt bikes. 

Apollo Road Bikes 

Apollo road bikes are perfect for those who want to get into road cycling. The manufacturer offers excellent features that allow you to hit the road with ease and convenience. 

Apollo Folding Bikes 

Now it is time to get convenience and simplicity altogether in an Apollo folding bike. Folding bikes allows you to store them as per your need and even when you have limited space. 

Apollo Electric Bikes 

When your feet need a rest from pedals, nothing is better than an electric bike from Apollo, and it makes cycling simpler. 

How Bad Are Apollo Bikes

Where Are Apollo Bikes Manufactured?

Apollo is a UK Brand, but all its parts and bikes are manufactured in Australia. Every bike that leaves the headquarters located in Australia is well-inspected for quality and craftsmanship. 

The company proves that inexpensive bikes also offer excellent performance and do not compromise in terms of quality. The Apollo bike is a perfect choice if you are looking for high performance and quality standards. 

Since we know that Apollo bikes are manufactured in Australia, there is no doubt that Apollo bikes are good enough for every member of the family. However, when it comes to Apollo dirt bikes, many of the parts and accessories are made and assembled in China which is why people have concerns over their quality.

So, when you talk about how bad are Apollo bikes? Undoubtedly, it is not a bad brand, and in fact, the manufacturer’s primary focus is quality standards to ensure a rider’s safety. But it is the dirt bikes that are a major concern here.

Apollo Dirt Bikes 

Although, there are many dirt bikes offered by Apollo, with engine capacities of 50 cc, 70cc, 100cc, and more. But here we are providing you a review of the powerful 125 and 250 cc dirt bikes, which are their top-selling products and are most often asked about in forums. 

How Bad Are Apollo Bikes

# Apollo 125 CC Dirt Bike 

This is a popular Apollo dirt bike with a power of 125 CC and weighs 150 pounds. Any age group can use it. It is one of the smaller dirt bikes that can load up to 200 pounds and has 4 strokes with single-cylinder air-cooled. The DB X18 is a perfect dirt bike for beginners and intermediaries. With 125 CC engine capacity, heavier stroke engine, and less noisy engine, Apollo offers excellent features in the bike. The bike also comes with a maximum speed of 55 miles per hour. It is a good design and high-quality Apollo Dirt bike. 

# Apollo 250 CC Dirt Bike 

Now let us learn how powerful the Apollo DB X29 250 CC dirt bike is. It is a more extensive and beast powerful dirt bike manufactured by Apollo. It is intended to be used by adults and allows a rider up to 440 lbs to have fun riding the bike. The unique feature of the bike is it has 5 speeds that will enable a person to ride at the maximum speed of 70 miles per hour. 

Our Verdict

Apollo dirt bikes are manufactured to deliver high-performance and high-quality bikes that offer incredible speed and convenience to the rider with the above review. The brand offers a perfect combination of affordability and quality. Manufacturing in China has helped keep Apollo dirt bikes priced comfortably for buyers. 

How Bad Are Apollo Bikes

Should You Get an Apollo Dirt Bike? 

Now let us come to the point, should you invest on an Apollo dirt bike or not? 

Dirt Bikes

All Apollo bikes come with unique features at an affordable price range, and the bikes are equipped with solid tires that offer maximum stability and convenience. Also, while you look for a perfect dirt bike for adults, the 250 CC mentioned above is an ideal option. 

Pros of Buying A Apollo Bike 

Since many Apollo Bike customers give positive reviews about the bike, they buy from the brand. 

Value For Money

The primary reason is that the bikes are cheaper than any other bike brand. And when we talk about the performance of Apollo bikes, they provide the same as expensive bikes. People prefer buying Apollo bikes because of their reliability and simplicity. 

Off Roaders

Apollo is one of the companies that specialize in making off-road vehicles. 

Research and Design

The main reason why people prefer Apollo bikes is they present the bike in the market after thorough research and testing. The company emphasizes design and testing. They put a lot of effort into manufacturing the best bike for riders to enjoy to the fullest. 

While the budget of Apollo bikes is not the same as other big brands, they follow business ethics and provide the best quality at a reasonable price. 

How Bad Are Apollo Bikes

Cons of Buying A Apollo Bike 

Not let us come to the concerns about the buyers of an Apollo bike. Some people have concluded that Apollo bikes are made up of low-quality products, and indeed it is true. 

Cheap Manufacturing

As some of the products are manufactured from China, and China products are getting cheaper every day. 

While the quality of Apollo is not as good as other expensive brands but at an affordable price, they are providing the best quality in the price range. 

Parts Availability

Also, Apollo bikes’ spare parts are tough to find, and they have significant issues with parts availability. 

How Bad Are Apollo Bikes


Is Apollo a good bike brand?

As Apollo is one of the oldest UK bike brands, they produce simple and high-quality products to meet the requirements of riders of all age groups. 

All bikes from Apollo are tried and tested and focus more on providing high-quality two wheels. It is indeed a good and renowned brand. 

Is Apollo a good Mountain bike? 

Yes, Apollo offers many mountain bikes with impressive features and high-quality parts. With an array of gears and beast tires, Apollo’s mountain bikes are worth buying. 

Is Apollo Halfords Own Brand? 

When we talk about Halfords, it is an entirely separate brand associated with many bike brands. Halfords give you the best experience of choosing the right type of bike as per your need at your convenience and quickly. 

Halfords is the UK’s leading store for cycling products, and you will get every type of cycling product at Halfords. The company provides an excellent retail experience to motorcyclists or cyclists. 

With a great range of high-quality cycle and bike products, it is the best place to get bikes for adults and kids. It offers the most extensive kid’s bike range on the market in the UK. Many brands are associated with Halfords, like Apollo, Armour All, and more. 

How Bad Are Apollo Bikes

Apollo Bikes Are A Value For Money Option With A Wide Range Of Products.

Apollo is a renowned brand that ensures they produce high-quality and great performance bikes for all family members, starting from kids to oldies. 

There is no reason to believe that they produce bad products. Even if buyers have concerns about their dirt bikes being manufactured in China, most online reviews and user experiences clearly state that the dirt bikes are good.

Happy riding!