How Fast Can You Go With Bikes On Roof

Love biking and driving your car? If you are wondering how fast can you go with bikes on roof, then you are at the right place.

You can’t bike everywhere. If the distance is too big, or you are moving from one city to another, you need your car to carry your stuff and take you places. Sometimes when you go camping, you need your car to reach the campsite.

In all these cases, the only option that you have is to carry your bike on your car. There are various ways to do so: you can use a roof rack, a hitch rack, a trunk rack, or a tire rack. While each has its pros and cons, if you have multiple heavy bikes, your only option is a roof rack.

But even roof racks can be unstable if you drive too fast because of the drag that you experience from the wind blowing on your bikes. If you drive too fast, you will end up putting too much pressure on the bikes, which might end up flying off.

How Fast Can You Go With Bikes On Roof

So, How Fast Can You Go With Bikes On Roof?

The answer is not faster than 75mph. This is because the bikes are placed on top of the vehicle, which can cause air resistance; air resistance can make the cars a bit unstable, especially if it’s windy or rainy. 

Rain and winds will make the driving a little impaired, which is why it is best that the said person shouldn’t drive at a speed faster than 75mph. 

The thing with roof racks is that they add extra resistance, which means that the fuel consumption will increase by 35%. In simpler words, the car will drag more than it usually does and pose new challenges for the driver, so it is essential that you stay within speed limits and don’t exert the car.  

Now that you are aware of the speed let’s understand a bit about Roof Racks.

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Why Roof Racks Are the Best!

Roof Racks are the safest way of transporting bikes from one place to another, especially if you are an avid bike rider. However, they may have their downside, like a negative impact on the gas mileage.

They are also safe because the bikes are locked securely in one place, they don’t have a chance to move at all, but this doesn’t mean that the drivers should be carefree; they need to take extra precautions while traveling, especially under low handling areas and bridges.

Another reason why roof racks are great is that they are very versatile. You can attach almost anything on a roof rack, like a paddleboard or a kayak.

Roof racks are heavy hitters. You can carry weights that you simply cannot carry on other types of racks if you are traveling with a roof rack over your car.

If you don’t mind lifting bikes on and off the roofs, the roof rack is the best and the most convenient way.

How Fast Can You Go With Bikes On Roof

How Can One Attach a Bike to a Roof Rack!

The roof rack should be placed on the top of the roof rack, and then the front and the rear racks should be kept in the respective places, and the tires should be locked in place. Once done, shake the bike a little to ensure that it’s locked in place. If you still have doubts, take cords and tie the bike with a rack. This will keep the bike in place and prevent it from being damaged. 

How Many Bikes Can One Fit in a Roof Rack?

The maximum number of bikes that a roof rack can hold is four; after four bikes, most roof racks will not safely store the bikes no matter how comprehensive the vehicle is. However, with a few modifications, people have been known to carry even five bikes.

Moreover, placing more than four bikes means exceeding the weight limits that could threaten those driving and traveling nearby. Extra bikes can also damage the roof of the car. 

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Will a Roof Rack Damage My Car?

Anything can harm your car if not appropriately fixed; the same goes for the roof rack; it can damage your vehicle if it’s not installed correctly. Just like any other rack, roof racks have a high potential of damaging your car if you are not taking care of it properly.

However, if the rock is not installed correctly, it can slide on your roof. Continuous travel with a loose roof rack can cause scratches and even dents in the car. 

To avoid this, clean the car and dry it thoroughly before installation. Keep the rack tightly locked and make sure it’s secured before you proceed to load the bikes. 

Why Should You Remove the Rack When It Isn’t In Use?

You should remove the roof racks from the vehicle when they are not in use as they will prevent the vehicle from getting damaged and increase the vehicle’s gas mileage when you are on a trip. 

Moreover, roof racks are a potential threat to the vehicle regardless of whether you are using them for transporting bikes. They can cause scratches and damage to the car if they are badly fitted or overloaded. 

Not only visible damage, but the roof racks also add extra weight and increase the bulkiness, which creates aerodynamic drag. These things can slow down the vehicle and increase the amount of gas consumed by the car. 

How Fast Can You Go With Bikes On Roof

How Can You Remove A Roof Rack?

To remove a roof rack, all you need is a ladder, screwdriver, and wrench. Start by removing the bolts of crossbars.

Once you have removed the bolts, you can lift the crossbars from the vehicle and remove the parallel bars used for securing the crossbars. Your entire roof rack is off now.

Apart From Cycles, What Can You Use Roof Racks For?

Though roof racks are famous for carrying bicycles, you can also use them to carry all sorts of bulky items and save a lot of space inside the car if you are going on a long trip. 

Roof Racks can also be used for transporting items like skis, kayaks, fishing roads, bikes, large containers, etc. the only thing you need to keep in mind is the capacity of the roof rack as all of them aren’t the same in size. 

Always research the type of roof rack you want before you proceed to buy one, and while researching, always consider the stuff you are going to keep on it. Also, look for accessories like cargo trays, roof baskets, etc.

How Much Weight Can One Put On a Roof Rack?

The capacity of the roof rack depends upon the type of car; if you have sedans, wagons, etc., then the average weight capacity is 165. 

It also depends upon the weight capacity of the roof rack; if your roof rack can’t handle more than 100 pounds, then don’t add extra stuff. 

How Fast Can You Go With Bikes On Roof

Answers To More Questions About Roof Racks

What is the speed limit with a roof box?

The speed of your car should not be more than 75 mph! Traveling faster than this could potentially damage your roof rack or even cause the bikes to fly off.

Are bike racks safe on the highway?

Yes! Bike racks are safe on highways, provided you have secured them nicely and have not overloaded them. Keep in mind to always remove them when you are going on a road where travel for cars above 10 feet high is restricted or places like garages where the ceiling is low.

How fast can you drive with a rear bike rack?

The maximum speed that is allowed with rear bike racks is 90mphs.

How fast can you go with the Thule bike rack?

The maximum speed that is allowed with Thule bike racks is 81mph.

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You Should Not Travel At More Than 75mph With A Roof Rack!

Roof racks are amazing, and you can get away with carrying a lot of weight on them. Apart from bikes, you can carry all sorts of stuff on your roof rack. But remember to keep a check on your speed with roof racks atop your car. Also, keep in mind that you should always take them off when you are entering a road with height restrictions or places like garages.

Happy Riding!