How Good Are Polygon Bikes?

How good are polygon bikes? Polygon bikes are a range of high-quality bikes with advanced technology and give a great riding experience. Read on to know more about polygon bikes.

Polygon bikes are one of the most popular bike brands in Australia. They offer a wide range of bikes and have been manufacturing bikes for over 25 years, having their own manufacturing unit in Indonesia. Nowadays, riders look for bikes that are lightweight as well as have a strong built quality.

Many people ask this question: How good are polygon bikes? 

How Good Are Polygon Bikes

Polygon bikes are one of the most popular brands that offer a wide range of high-quality bikes to give riders a comfortable and smooth riding experience.

It works exceptionally well on jumps and jerks, and the rider can go on any trail without worry. It helps riders stay healthy, and the bikes are made to be durable as well. Let’s look at polygon bikes in detail.

In this article, let us further look at

  • Where are polygons manufactured?
  • What companies does polygon make bikes for?
  • Outstanding and advanced Technologies Polygon Bikes use
  • How do polygon bikes perform?
  • Why are polygon bikes most popular in Australia?
  • Which is the most popular Polygon Bike?
  • Is polygon Siskiu a good bike?
  • Are polygon bikes made in the U.S?

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Where Are Polygons Manufactured?

Polygon bikes were developed by PT Insera Sena, which is an Indonesian brand. The unit is in Sidoarjo, East Java. It has other manufacturing units in different parts of Indonesia. It has a good connection with the team globally.

It manufactures mountain bikes, road bikes, youth bikes, urban bikes, and BMX bikes. You can choose to buy one as per the need.

What Companies Do Polygon Make Bikes for?

Polygon bikes are famous and the most popular brands that have been producing bikes for years now. They make bikes for some popular North American brands. Most of the top athletes use polygon bikes as it uses innovative and outstanding technologies.

Outstanding And Advanced Technologies Polygon Bikes Use

Polygon bikes invest a lot in research and development. They offer advanced and innovative technology bikes to give a smooth and comfortable riding experience. All the parts of the bikes are of high-quality brands that include Shimano, Fox, and other such brands. Also, all the frames of the bikes are UCI-approved.

Let us look at the great technologies that polygon bikes use.

ACX Carbon

One of the most unique and advanced technologies that polygon bikes use is the ACX Carbon. It is pretty lightweight and has a stiff frame. This innovative technology and development increase the performance of the bike.

With the excellent blend of high Modulus M series and Toray 700 carbon, it can maximize the strength of the bikes. The lightweight frame material is of excellent quality and gives a smooth riding experience along with durability.

How Good Are Polygon Bikes

ALX Aluminum

Many bike brands use aluminum frames on most of their bikes. Even polygon bikes use this material but look for a lightweight and rigid one. They build ALX frames that are durable and last a long time.

FS Independent Floating Suspension

It is one of the new technology and suspension systems that operate independently. To give a smooth riding experience, it has a separate rear wheel and suspension. You can ride on rough terrains or bumpy roads with ease.

Ferro Tech

The Ferro tech frames are made with steel tubes having great strength. It gives excellent performance and is quite reliable.


With a more advanced material and frames, these bikes give riders more confidence while riding. They can ride in steep and technical trials without any worry. It is excellent for people who have an aggressive riding way having longer top tubes and shorter seat tubes.

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How Do Polygon Bikes Perform?

Athletes and riders look for bikes that perform exceptionally well. They look as if the bike is lightweight with strong built quality and durability. Polygon bikes offer similar features and quality. 

Components And Parts

Polygon gives a smooth riding experience on technical trials and looks into every detail while manufacturing bikes. It includes the head angle, wheelbase, and bottom bracket. In fact, all the parts are looked into carefully and designed to give comfortable riding to athletes.

How Good Are Polygon Bikes

Suspension System

Most female athletes like polygon bikes because of their lightweight quality. The polygon bikes have a pretty good suspension system that works great with the lightweight bikes as well. It lets them ride much faster and comfortably.


One reason that makes polygon bikes perform excellently is their versatility. Anyone can ride polygon bikes on any terrain smoothly without any jerks. Also, with its excellent suspension system, riders can ride at a reasonable speed.

Why Are Polygon Bikes Most Popular In Australia?

Polygon bikes have partnered with an Australian retailer, Bicycles Online, to sell their bikes. The company has all the bike categories of polygon bikes and all the necessary accessories and clothing for riders. 

Cheaper Than Its Competitors

It offers excellent quality at an affordable price. Most athletes trust this brand as it offers excellent strength and durability. The frames are UCI-approved and use advanced technologies to give riders a great experience. As it sells directly to the customer and there are no dealers involved, it offers a lower price than its competitors. You also have an option to return the bike within 14-days if you do not like it.

Most Preferred Bike In Australia

Almost thousands of Australians have ridden Polygon bikes and have loved riding their bikes. It offers excellent value along with quality and comfort.

How Good Are Polygon Bikes

Value For Money

Polygon bikes are 40% less than its competitor brands. This is because it sells directly to the consumer, and there is no dealer involved.

14-Day Return

One good thing about polygon bikes is that you can return the bike in 14 days if you do not like it. All your money gets refunded, and the delivery agent will pick up the bike without taking any charges.

Which Is The Most Popular Polygon Bike?

Polygon bikes are premium bikes equipped with premium quality materials and components. It offers a bike for beginners to advanced level riders. You can choose the one suitable for you. 

Strattos S8

If you are looking for a road bike, polygon Strattos S8 is one of the best options. It has an excellent braking system and comes with all the necessary features. The aluminum brakes are easy to install and are better than the carbon steel brakes. You can adjust the brakes as per your comfort.

How Good Are Polygon Bikes

Bromo N8

If you are looking for a mountain bike, then the Bromo N8 is a good option. Riders can ride comfortably on rough terrains without any worry. It is the best mid-level mountain bike at an affordable price.

The wheels of the bike are 27.5-inches which makes climbing hilly roads with comfort and ease. Also, the aluminum tubes are lightweight and durable. This bike is suitable for beginners as well as advanced-level riders.

The alloy handlebars are comfortable to hold when riding long distances. The fenders protect the bikes from dirt, mud, and water.

Relic 24

The polygon relic 24 is a junior bike. It is suitable for kids aged three to five years. This bike has some great features that include a suspension system, gears, and hand brakes. It prepares your kids to experience the power ride. The pedals of the bike turn easily and have a good grip with rubber padding.

One great feature of this junior bike is it comes with a kickstand. Kids can park their bikes with ease when not in use. Also, the saddle of the bike is more extensive and comfortable for kids. The handlebars are placed lower than usual, making it easy for young kids to ride.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Is Polygon Siskiu A Good Bike?

Polygon Siskiyou is one of the great mountain bikes at an affordable price. It is built with a strong aluminum frame and has a tremendous overall built quality. With advanced technology and premium quality components, you can ride comfortably at a good speed in any terrain or road conditions.

The new Siskiu 2021 models have been redesigned with better frame quality and have excellent geometry. It now comes in two-wheel sizes, and it depends on the frame size. 29-inch wheels come with extensive and XL frames, while 27.5-inch wheels come with a medium frame.

With a great suspension system in new models, riders find it comfortable riding long distances. The rider is more confident and can ride in steep and rough terrain at a reasonable speed and versatility.

How Good Are Polygon Bikes

Are Polygon Bikes Made In the USA?

Polygon bikes have their own manufacturing unit in Indonesia. It manufactures bikes for different brands as well that include some US and European brands.

Polygon Bikes Are One Of The Largest Selling brands!!

Polygon bikes are suitable for everyone, whether he is a beginner or a pro-level rider. As it invests a lot in R&D, it offers advanced technologies and tries to bring out the best bike in the market to give the best riding experience. Many famous bicyclists and athletes choose this brand as it offers excellent build quality and is affordable, while also being durable and consistent.