How Long Do YT Bikes Take To Ship?

YT Bikes are one of the most popular direct-to-consumer professional bicycle manufacturers in the world. We look at how long do YT bikes take to ship., and other policies of YT bikes

YT Industries is a german-based company established in 2007 by a professional weight lifter, whose main aim was to eschew retailers and start selling bikes directly to customers. This move drastically changed the working of the bike industry. 

YT designs bikes for young consumers, and they have come up with innovative and intriguing bikes. They offer high-quality and value-for-money bikes. 

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In this article, you will learn: 

  • About YT industries 
  • How long does it take to ship YT Bikes? 
  • Affordability of YT Bikes 
  • Types of YT Bikes 
  • What does YT stand for bikes? 

About YT Industries

YT is a direct-to-consumer mountain bike brand based in Germany, owned by Markus Flosmann. The company was started to motivate young riders and mountain bikers to deal with mountain biking with great competitive efforts, with affordable and entry-level bikes. 

Over the years, they have come up with high-end and professional mountain bikes as well. The company has an extensive association with great riders such as Erick Irish, Tobi Wrobel, and many more. With a vast range of trail bikes and dirt bikes, they attract many mountain cyclists. 

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What does YT stand for bikes? 

This German-based company focuses on bringing back Young Talent, which is what YT stands for. The company’s main mantra is Young Talent, so they have manufactured bikes that bring back the young man’s curiosity about biking out. 

YT has been promoting the Young Talent message since 2007, and it has partnered with young champions such as Aaron Gwin, Vali Holl, and Andreu Lacondeguy to showcase what the youth can do in the world of cycling.

With so many options available, you can choose the comfortable one for you. Even the company’s new website taps more on Young talent, and many videos cast Aaron Gwin and other Young people showing the right biking talent. 

How Long Do YT Bikes Take To Ship

How Long Do YT Bikes Take To Ship?

The best part of YT bikes is they deliver bikes in more than 40 countries, so whether you are in the USA or UK, you can book your YT bike from anywhere in the world. YT bikes are available in major countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Greece, etc. 

Now, coming to the main question. The company is associated with DHL deliveries that take around 12 days to deliver the product in EU countries and Islands. It usually takes 14 days or less to deliver bikes anywhere. 

So it depends on where you want an order to be shipped. When it is about delivery in Germany, YT ensures the bike is delivered between 3 to 5 business days. 

YT bikes are shipped from California (they have a warehouse in San Clemente). West Coast people can expect the bike in 1-2 days, whereas people on the East Coast might wait for 7-10 days. Shipping happens through FedEx.

As there is no option of collecting the bike from the manufacturer, one has to wait for the order to be delivered. This is why the time taken varies from country to country and state to state. 

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Shipping Charges 

To check the shipping charges, you must visit the official website of YT Industries and choose your delivery place to get all information. Here we are talking about shipping in the US. 

  • The company charges $99 to ship a bike to any US state apart from Alaska and Hawaii. For parts, you will have to shell out $7.99. 
  • The charges for Hawaii/Alaska are understandably higher. For example, you will have to pay $ 289.00 for bikes and $399 for MTBs. For parts, you will have to pay $12.99.

The company accepts payment modes like Paypal, Credit Card, Payment in Advance, and benefits from financing. 

How Long Do YT Bikes Take To Ship

Are YT Bikes Affordable?

Since YT industries are direct-to-consumer sellers, they are quite affordable as compared to other bike brands. 

Many other brands offer expensive mountain and dirt bikes, but this is not the same with YT Industries. You will understand from the table below that YT bikes are priced in a value for the money price range.

Type of BikePrice Range
Mountain and Trail Bikes$2299 to $4999
Off-roading experience $2499 to $5129
Downhill Racing$2399 to $5999
Dirt Bikes$1299+

Review Of Popular YT Bikes 

Let me share some popular YT Bikes with you in the below content: 

# Jeffsy 29 CF Pro 

It is a perfect bike for people who want to ride comfortably on rough downhills. The Jeffsy is a great trail bike that comes with great downhill chops. The bike will surprise you by how it climbs, and it excels in the corners and rough edges. 

# TUES CF Pro 

This is an amazing bike that Aaron Gwin used in the World Cup downhill event. It has all the key aspects of downhill bikes and comes in five different sizes. 

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# Dirt Love 

The company started out with this bike. It comes as an evolution of dirt bikes. It is a great jumper with a strong frame that can handle tough handlings. If you need a perfect backflip bike, then this is an ideal option. 

# Capra 27 CF Pro 

This is one of the endura bikes by YT industries, and it comes with great 27.5 to 29.5 inches tires that have great suspension and mid-stroke support to offer maximum stability while riding downhill. 

These are the YT bikes that are popular among bikers; you can visit its official website anytime for more products.

How Long Do YT Bikes Take To Ship

Answers To Other Questions About YT Bikes

Are YT Bikes good?

Yes, one can rely on YT bikes for mounting riding. Since the beginning, they have been providing high-quality and low-priced bikes, aiming to push the boundaries of price and performance. 

Is YT Jeffsy a good bike? 

It is a long-travel trail bike made up of a high-quality frame and offers amazing performance. While you look for a perfect trail bike, nothing is better than YT Jeffsy. 

Do YT Bikes ever have sales? 

Yes, mostly they have sales during New Year, or when the third party offers any coupon, you can avail of sale on YT Bikes. 

How Long Do YT Bikes Take To Ship

YT Ships To West Coast in 1-2 Days and East Coast in About 7 Days.

YT is a great bike brand; you can rely on it due to its high-quality manufacturing and price value. When it comes to shipping, you will get all details from its official website. Deliveries to West Coast will typically happen in a couple of days, whereas if you live on the East Coast, it might take upto seven days.