How Many Bikes Do You Really Need?

Do you want to buy a new bike but aren’t too sure? After all, how many bikes do you really need? When should you not add another one to your garage? All the answers are right here! 

If you love bikes, you must be wondering how many bikes do I need? Well, it depends on various factors. You might need more than one bike to ensure both bikes are in good condition, especially if you ride them alternatively. However, you might also have more than two bikes. To know more about this, keep reading!

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need

How Many Bikes Do I need?

Cyclists with the means to buy multiple bikes and adequate garage space may want to purchase new bikes. But how many do you need? Well, it depends on why you are buying them. 

Types Of Bikes

You can buy different kinds of bikes. 

For example, you can use one for commuting, another for casual cruising, and a third bike for all those adventurous rides. 

But then, if you are not big on biking on rough roads or do not need separate bikes for commuting and holidays, one sturdy bike is enough. 

Now, if you take a look inside a true bike enthusiast’s garage, you might find an average of eight bikes! However, while different bikes have different functions, designs, and purposes, more than three or four may be unnecessary. So, you need to understand why you want a bike and whether you need bikes for different purposes.

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need


Several people need bikes for commuting. These bikes need to be comfortable and sturdy. It would be best if you bought a long-lasting bike that will support your back and will not require you to hunch over or stretch your arms. 

You can ride these bikes quickly and safely. If it is just for commuting, then one bike is enough. You can buy two if you feel one is suffering too much wear and tear. If you are riding the bike every day, the tires will deteriorate. 

So instead of waiting for the new tires to arrive or taking your bike in for servicing and maintenance, you can use the other bike. 

Adventure Biking

If you are into adventure biking and enjoy going on bike trips, you might want more than one bike. Bikes made for rough terrain can usually withstand wear and tear but require regular maintenance. 

So you can get different bikes for different types of adventures. For example, you can have a couple of mountain bikes if you are enthusiastic about the sport. You can also get another touring bike or a gravel bike. 

There is no limit to how many bikes you can have. If you have the space to store the bikes and buy new bikes, you can have more than two or three bikes. However, you don’t need more than one or two. You should only get more than one bike if the new one serves a different purpose or if your old bike is not that safe for frequent rides anymore. 

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need

Do You Need 2 Bikes?

You may need two bikes if you are an enthusiastic cyclist, especially if you ride every day. Every bike requires daily maintenance, but at times, this may not be possible. 

When you do not maintain the bike every day, you might notice that the tires are becoming flat or the bike is not running as smoothly as before. During such times, if you have another bike, you do not have to worry. 

Health Reasons

You can also buy two bikes if you have backaches or knee pain. Electric bikes are perfect for those who cannot ride regular bikes. So if you feel pain at intervals, choose an electric bike along with your regular bike. 

You can ride the electric bike when you need to cover a considerable distance. Other times, when you are just casually cruising down your neighborhood, you can bring out your usual bike. Since you are not riding for too long, you need not worry about persistent pain. 

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How Many Mountain Bikes Do I Need? 

Here is a question that many adventurous cyclists will ask. If you are one of them, then you need to consider a few things. 

Number Of Rides

The first factor is the number of times you go on a ride. If you are enthusiastic about riding a bike across rough, mountainous terrain, it is best to keep two bikes. If one mountain bike suffers any damage, you can use the other one for your next trip. 

However, you also need to consider two other factors: space for the bikes and price. If you have a small garage, you may not be able to store more than one mountain bike, especially if you also keep your car in there. 

It would be best never to keep mountain bikes or other bikes outside as atmospheric conditions can cause significant damage. 


It would help if you also kept in mind the cost of mountain bikes. While you can find affordable mountain bikes, you might need to spend a considerable amount to get a top-quality bike. 

If you are looking for mountain bikes with state-of-the-art features, they will be expensive. So if you are willing to spend a significant amount, you can go ahead and buy two bikes. 

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need

Spare Parts

If your primary concern and reason for buying new bikes is the condition of the bikes that you use frequently, then you can opt for other alternatives. 

You can purchase premium-grade tires and bike parts or invest in regular maintenance to ensure that you don’t need to replace your bike. It is a good option if you cannot buy two different expensive bikes or do not have the garage space to store them. 


You will need to maintain all the bikes you buy. So this is something you need to keep in mind. If you buy two bikes because one is deteriorating due to poor maintenance, the other bike will not be a great alternative either. Therefore, you should understand your reasons for needing two bikes before you make a purchase. 

Is It Good To Have Multiple Bikes?

Other than just being a collector of great bikes or wanting to try out different types of bikes, there are some valid reasons for owning more than one bike. 

Vintage Bikes

The first reason is that bikes are investments. They are not very cheap, and if you can buy a bike that features new-age technology, you will get a pretty good value for it when you decide to sell. 

Old bikes are also great investments since they fetch reasonable prices as vintage bikes. Speaking of vintage bikes, some bikes hold immense sentimental value, which is a good reason for keeping them. 

For example, you might have had an old bike as a child, and then later, you find that exact model second-hand. You can add that bike to your collection. However, such a bike may not be convenient, and therefore, you will need to choose one for the daily commute or other purposes. 

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need

Type Of Activity

Another reason for buying multiple bikes is needing different bikes for different activities. If you ride a bike to school or work every day, you should keep a sturdy bike for the commute and a spare one for emergencies. 

Now, if you also enjoy adventurous riding, you can add a mountain bike and a gravel bike to your garage. Apart from this, you can always buy an electric bike as they make it easy to ride steadily and safely. 

While having multiple bikes helps a lot, you should be sure about using them. If you keep the bikes in your garage and don’t take them out often, they will no longer function properly. 

The tires will become flat, the grips on the handlebars may harden, and the bikes will not run as smoothly as before. So, even if you buy multiple bikes, make sure to ride them frequently and maintain them well. 

If you cannot purchase various types of bikes but still ride one every day, try and get a spare bike. It is always good to have an extra bike, even if it is not as durable or fancy as your regular bike. 

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What Is A Good Amount To Bike Every Day?

If you are biking to stay in shape, you can do so for 30 minutes every day. You can buy a bike that is suitable for fitness and ride it on a smooth road. Avoid riding on rough terrain. 

However, if you have any issues with your lower back, knees, or arm and leg muscles, consult your doctor first. You may need to buy an electric bike or decrease the time you bike every day. 

If you are fit and want to ride a bike for pleasure, you can go for long trips. But it would help if you always stopped after pedaling for a certain distance to allow your body to rest. 

Adequate rest is essential to prevent aches. Once you have rested and hydrated your body, you can continue on your journey. 

How Many Bikes Do You Really Need

Wrap Up

Now that you have the answer to how many bikes and what bikes should I own, you can make the right choice. Leave a comment about the bikes you already have, and don’t hesitate to share this with other bike enthusiasts!