How Much Faster Are Expensive Bikes?

How much faster are expensive bikes? A lot also depends on who is riding, but there is a difference of 2-3mph on average. Read on to know more.

Everybody knows that lighter bikes are faster than heavier bikes. The world of cycling is obsessed with the weight of the cycle. But if you plan to get a lighter bike, be ready to spend extra dollars as they are a bit more expensive than heavier options. 

So how much faster are expensive bikes? Let’s find out. In this article, we will learn more about: 

  • How fast are expensive bikes? 
  • Do more expensive bikes ride better? 
  • Difference between lighter and heavier bikes
  • Cheap Vs. Expensive Bikes 
How Much Faster Are Expensive Bikes

What Is An Expensive Bike?

Oh boy, that’s a loaded question.

Bikes are available anywhere between $500 to $11000. You need to specify your requirements to ride before you buy a bike. For example, you can find a run-of-the-mill road bike anywhere between $500 to $2000; a $3000 road bike is expensive. 

On the other hand, $3000 is a pocket change for a good mountain bike. Spending more than $1000 on a bike is a big investment for the average cyclist; however, spending more will give you a better option in the long run. 

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How Fast Are Expensive Bikes? 

Expensive bikes are, in general, faster than cheaper bikes. For example, the same cyclist will probably be able to take a nice $5000 bike upto 20mph, whereas he might only be able to ride a simple road bike at 14-15mph. 

But what also matters is the level at which you are and how good you are at using the available equipment.

Light v/s Heavy

It is tough to handle a heavier bike on trails; lighter bikes are more expensive for easy riding. 

Lighter bikes are specially designed for mountains, and they have lighter tires for easy going on the trails. Expensive bikes usually score in this aspect because most are made with carbon fiber or other super-lightweight materials.

How Much Faster Are Expensive Bikes


Pushing and pulling the chain needs to be very precise, so the major difference in the bike’s speed is also the gears. Expensive bikes usually come with more gears and easy application of change of gears, which allows one to be faster than others. 

With the electronic shifting of gears, the bikes tend to be faster, and this is sure that expensive bikes come with this feature. The major difference between fast and slow bikes is gears. 


A bike with aerodynamic geometry and frame structure with upgraded wheels is faster and more expensive. 

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Do More Expensive Bikes Ride Better? 

Yes, expensive bikes have stronger and stiffer frames which are lighter. These frames help improve the ride’s efficiency. 

These bikes have more consistency than cheaper options. Expensive bikes have better quality parts that give a better ride. 

Expensive bikes give you better performance as they are built up with better quality components that ensure durability. When you buy an expensive bike, you make an investment that is repaid over time.

Expensive bikes are lighter, as I already mentioned. Lighter bikes are easier to ride. Most expensive bikes are made from carbon fiber, or aluminum making it a perfect buy with few more dollars. 

So whenever you think about buying an expensive bike, is it worth it? Then the answer is yes because of many viable reasons. 

Cheap Vs. Expensive Bikes 

While we consider buying mountain bikes, the clear difference when you go to a departmental store or an actual bike shop to buy the bike is its price. If you go to Walmart or Target, you will get the same price as the actual bike shop offers. 

But the question comes, why is there so much price difference, and what is the major difference between cheap and expensive mountain bikes? 

The major difference between the two is their build quality and their intended use. Expensive bikes are well built with high and strong quality that can handle high-stress levels during mountain biking. 

Cheap bikes are also well built to look at the part, but they are not ideal for mountain biking. But it is not mandatory to buy an expensive bike for mountain trails. 

How Much Faster Are Expensive Bikes

Here are few factors that describe the difference between cheap and expensive bikes: 

# Intended Use 

The most important factor that holds the difference between cheap and expensive bikes is who will use them. You need to see and wonder why cheap bikes are easily available at every departmental store; they are only meant for average customers, like someone looking for a bike for normal riding. The average customer who does not want faster riding or mountain biking would go for an expensive bike. 

On the contrary, expensive bikes are mostly available at bike shops only, stores dedicated to cyclists. If you are a bike enthusiast or a cyclist, you will go for faster bikes, and they are usually expensive options. 

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# Build Quality 

The most arguable difference between cheap and expensive cycles is their build quality. Renowned brands like Trek and Giant manufacture bikes with utmost safety and quality standards that surely raise the bike’s price. Whereas if the cheap quality is used, the price of the bike goes down. 

While riding in a trail, you need a bike with great quality and allows you to ride faster; then, it is wise to go for branded bikes that are a little higher in price. 

# Components

Although, it is related to the build quality of a bike. Components include chains, handlebars, cables, and more. You must have heard the chain of the bike rattling around on the smallest bumps. Also, that means it is so weak, and the quality is not up to the mark. So you need to check the quality of components of the bikes before you buy one. 

How Much Faster Are Expensive Bikes

Does Bike Weight Matter? 

Is it true? Does a bike’s weight matter? Yes, in reality, weight is the most important factor that affects the price and performance of the bike. Let us learn more about bike weight, the cost, and the bike’s value regarding what real riders want. 

# Cost of Lightness 

Riders believe that removing excess grams from the bike can do wonders in riding. Winning or losing also depends on the weight of the bike. It is a fact that a bike’s weight decreases, and the cost of the bike increases. 

It is about many upgrades and a lot of money to get a lighter bike for better performance. The higher price comes with lighter frames and lighter components. A lightweight bike not only requires dedication but a lot of money also. 

# Value of Light bike 

But the question is, is spending money on a lighter bike worth it? The answer is Yes. However, people fail to spot the major difference between a lighter and a heavier bike regarding its quality and components. 

In reality, lighter bikes are equipped with lighter and stronger components, making the price worth it. All its structure and components make the bike value for money. Also, the rider’s weight plays an important role while you buy a lighter bike. The rider has to be 90% of the weight of the bike, to ensure efficient riding.

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# Lightweight Bike Upgrade 

If you are looking to upgrade your bike into a lighter version, you must improve the wheels. They are generally the first place to shed some weight from the bike. 

At the same time, heavier wheels need more energy that tends the bike to be heavier, so the first thing you must consider while upgrading your bike is changing the wheels. 

It is a better option for carbon wheels; carbon fiber is lighter, stiffer, and stronger. Upgrading the wheelset and aerodynamics is a win to win situation. 

How Much Faster Are Expensive Bikes

Difference Between Lighter and Heavier Bikes 

The major difference between a lighter and heavier bike is the speed of riding. Lighter bikes are for racers who want a better speed and agility of a bike; whether it is mountain biking or road biking, lighter bikes are faster than heavier bikes. Lightweight bikes are specially designed for racers, and it offers more power of acceleration. A heavy-weight bike is for heavy riders and normal riding purposes. 

Also, another main difference is lighter bikes are expensive, whereas heavier bikes are cheap. The two types of bikes come with different goals, and each is suitable for various purposes that depend on the rider. 


# Are Expensive bikes faster? 

Yes, expensive bikes are made up of better and strong quality material and are specially designed for racers to offer better speed. 

# How much faster is a good bike? 

As per riders, a good bike allows a rider to ride at the maximum speed of 15 miles per hour with one hour ride, and even with some riders getting the speed of 22 miles per hour. 

# Does a better bike make you go faster? 

Yes, a better bike comes with better speed and acceleration that allows a rider to be faster. 

Wrap Up

Are you ready to spend thousands of dollars on a good bike? The above article will explain how faster your expensive bike is and the differences between heavier and lighter bikes.