Is Bikes Direct Legit Or A Scam?

Bikes Direct has a crazy website that looks like a fraud. But is Bikes Direct legit? Let’s find out.

We live in a digital world today. Price is one of the main factors because of which most consumers prefer to go shopping online. There is no middle man involved here—that is why you always get the products at a low price when you shop online.

Today, we will focus on one such Direct-To-Consumer bike reseller: Bikes Direct, which has been selling bicycles at an affordable price on the internet for many years. 

Is Bikes Direct Legit

Bikes Direct offers a huge range of bikes from mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, trekking bikes, and even bikes for kids. You can choose any bike according to your preferences. They also have had a physical store located in St. John town center since 2006.

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Why Do People Doubt Bikes Direct? 

There are a couple of reasons why people ask this question:

Poorly Designed Website

In today’s world of phishing attacks, viruses, and malware, a poorly designed website immediately rings alarm bells in the mind of the consumer. One look at Bikes Direct’s website, and you will understand what I am saying. In fact, someone commented on the internet that their site looks like a child’s project made in the 90s!

Gimmicky Marketing

Some of their marketing offers are extremely tacky and almost impossible to believe (60% off on mountain bikes!). Too good to be true promises are always going to be an issue for an internet crowd that has grown up on online scams and frauds.

So, Is Bikes Direct Legit?

However, if you keep aside these two points for a minute, Bikes Direct is a totally legit company that has been operating in the US for nearly 20 years. 

If you visit their website and do a bit of research, you will find that they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is one of the top-rated websites by Bizratesurveys. Their online payments system is accredited to

They claim to have sold over 100k cycles in the last 20 years, and customer reviews across most review sites suggest that while consumers may have had service issues with them, Bikes Direct is not a fraud operation.

Is Bikes Direct Legit

Bikes Direct Quality

Bikes Direct offers certified quality bikes. Here certified bikes mean the qualified technician has tested the bike properly. 

Each bike sold on this website undergoes road testing not to face any problem while riding. They provide free delivery service within the delivery area and charge a minimal amount outside the delivery area.

What Bikes Direct Has To Offer

No one wants to buy products in an old-fashioned way, i.e., going to the store, visually seeing the product and comparing the quality, and then buying that product from the shop. This method is now outdated. You cannot exclude the cycling world from this truth.

Bikes Direct sells bikes direct-to-consumer, at a very reasonable price. There are many benefits of their business model.

#1. More Options

Nowadays, you will see most bicycle manufacturers are switching to online mode rather than offline, which proves the willingness of the industry to make changes in their way of selling products and want to continue further. 

Online companies quickly overtake manufacturers who choose to sell offline. Bikes Direct has made good use of this fact. They offer a very wide variety of products on their website, which may not be possible to keep in a physical store. 

In short, I want to say that there are various buying options for a customer with eye-catching colors and designs in Bikes Direct.

Is Bikes Direct Legit

#2. Saves Money

How often have you compared the Price of online purchased items with the items brought from the store? I am pretty sure that you will get a product at a comparatively lower price than when you buy from retail. 

For instance, if I talk about mountain bikes, the one you purchase from the online store will offer you the same benefit as the local shop. But the local shop sells at a higher rate because it includes the electricity cost, rent, wages and other running costs with the bike.

Nowadays, most retailers have realized that they can meet the customer’s needs even if they sell the bikes at a low rate in online stores. 

#3. Saves Time

Shopping for the bike from the online store saves time. If you are a busy person and don’t have time to move from one shop to another to buy a bike, online bike stores are best for you. You can do transactions within a few minutes, and you don’t have to wait for the opening hours of the local shop. You don’t have to skip important meetings or dress up, especially for purchasing a bike.

You don’t have to negotiate with salespeople forcing you to buy this or that bike in online stores. You are independent and buy any bike according to your choice. 

If you purchase on special days or during the festive period, Bikes Direct will offer you great discounts as well. 

The online model provides you various modes to do money transactions like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, and net banking, cryptocurrency, personal check, and many more. You may not get these benefits in your local bike shops.

Is Bikes Direct Legit

#4. Diversity

Bikes Direct lets you buy a bike not available in your country. You will also find various bicycle components for cheap, and they manage the shipping as well.

#5. Customer Service

Bikes Direct offers excellent customer service. You can call customer care and ask about any query you have with the purchased bike. You can also chat with them and solve your problems.

#6. Warranty

Another excellent thing about this online store is that they provide a 30 days warranty. All the certified bikes available in this store come with a free 30 days warranty, and if you don’t like the bike, you can return it within 30 days.

#7. Money-Back Warranty

Another great benefit of shopping for bikes from this website is they offer a money-back warranty. Suppose you purchased a bike from this store but don’t like the ride, then you can call the customer care service within 24 hours. They will refund the money within 24 hours.

Is Bikes Direct Legit

#8. Quick Delivery

Bikes Direct has a warehouse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They deliver quickly in Louisiana, Texas, Atlanta, and Florida.

But if you are staying outside of their delivery area, they will try their best to deliver the bike within 3-7 business days. However, holidays, weekends, and some other serious circumstances may delay delivering your bike.

You can collect the information about the bike which you intend to purchase from the main store. They are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The store is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Answers To More Questions About Bikes Direct

#1. Is Bikes Direct a trusted website?

Yes, Bikes Direct is a trusted website, and it offers high-quality bikes at an affordable price which enables the consumer to purchase easily.

#2. How long does it take to get a bike from Bikes Direct?

Most of the orders from Bikes direct will arrive at the customer’s doorstep within three to seven business days. The online store may take one to two days for processing. 

So it takes almost ten days to deliver your bikes. Once FedEx scans your order ships from the warehouse, the customer receives a tracking number on his email. After that, he can track the location of the ordered bike.

#3. Where do Bikes Direct bikes ship from?

The warehouse of Bikes Direct is located in Louisiana. They ship the bike directly from the distribution warehouse.

Is Bikes Direct Legit

#4. Do Bikes Direct bikes come assembled?

Almost all the bikes of Direct bikes come with 80-90 percent assembled forms and deliver to your doorstep. So if you are familiar with the assembly of the bike, you can easily assemble the rest of the things within 15 to 20 minutes. 

You need to adjust the brakes, shifter, derailleur and assemble the seat, handlebar, pedals, and front wheel. I think this will not create a problem if you have some technical experience.

They also provide helpful videos which show you exactly how to assemble their bikes.

#5. How do I contact Bikes Direct?

You can contact Bikes Direct by calling on 904-249-2453. If you find the line busy, then you can call after some time or fax your order. But you should not give the information of your order over text.

Bikes Direct Is Completely Legit

Bikes Direct is a trustworthy website to purchase a good quality bike at an affordable price. However, there will be no one to assist you in buying or giving suggestions. You need to choose from hundreds of bikes.

I hope you liked my write-up and got some ideas regarding an excellent online bike store. You can buy bikes from this store, and let me know your experience in the comment section.

Happy Riding!