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Norcal High School Development Camp.

I recently attended a couple days of The NorCal High School MTB League’s Development Camp in Mendocino and got to ride and talk with a group of kids. It was a great opportunity to share my story as well as my cycling knowledge with these up and comers.

NCB-3On Day 1 we did an easy ride in the morning before lunch and then a good 3.5 hours in the afternoon. The mountain biking was amazing as we were riding amongst old growth Redwood Trees and massive ferns. The trails were endless so it was a good thing we had local guides to show us the way. Later that night after another fantastic meal prepared by a chef to make sure the kids were eating healthy nutritious food we watched the Levi Effect. Afterwards I expanded on both the good and bad of my career and the kids asked a ton of great questions.

NCB-1The next day we did another fun ride before lunch and the drive home, but not before the kids presented me with a special card they had made me. It really moved me and I realized that they had taught me just as much as I had taught them. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to more of the same.



Photos courtesy of Daydreamer Cinema.