How Long Do Dirt Bikes Last?

How Long Do Dirt Bikes Last? Well, on average, it lasts for about 3 to 5 years, and it may even last longer if you maintain it properly. Read on to know more. Dirt bikes are not as easy to ride as you may think when you watch those dirt bike racing Derbys. But once … Read more

How Long Do Bikes Last

How long do bikes last? On average, a bike can last for approximately five years if you ride it every day and even more with proper maintenance. Read on to know more. No matter how well you maintain your bike, you need to replace it. But since bikes cost a thousand dollars nowadays, many people … Read more

Can You Use Car Brake Cleaner On Bikes?

Brakes are the most challenging part of a bike to maintain and clean as well. So, what is the best solution for them? Can You Use Car Brake Cleaner On Bikes? Yes, you are thinking in the right direction. If you are a bike user, you know what haunts you the most. It’s the cleaning! … Read more

Will Bikes Rust In Shed?

Rust is the biggest enemy of your bike. Will bikes rust in shed if you leave them out in the winter? Let’s discuss this in detail. You might have invested a lot of money on your bike. Riding a bike is an adventurous, fun, and low-impact exercise that will surely improve your health. High-end bikes … Read more