Can Mountain Bikes Have Baskets: 13 Types of Baskets You Can Attach To Your Mountain Bike

Mountain Bikes are supposed to be lean and mean. But can mountain bikes have baskets? Why not! Let’s look at some ways you can design baskets for your mountain bike. Bikes aren’t just for personal pleasure. Bikes are also the preferred mode of transportation in various places. With the versatility of bicycles, the topic of … Read more

Can Mountain Bikes Have Pegs?

Do you have a mountain bike? Wondering can mountain bikes have pegs on them? Come, let’s take a look.  You can easily find stunt pegs on street or park bikes, and they assist the rider in pulling stunts like flatland maneuvers, rail, or ledge grinds.  Stunt pegs are cylinders made of alloy or steel, and … Read more

Can Mountain Bikes Use Public Footpaths?

Can mountain bikes use public footpaths? Yes, you can take them on public footpaths, but keep the following tips in mind.  Have a lovely mountain bike but no time to go exploring mountain trails? Need to walk through the city with your mountain bike? Wondering whether you can take your mountain bikes on public footpaths? … Read more