Why Bikes Don’t Pay Tolls

Ever wondered why bikes don’t pay toll? You are not allowed to ride on toll roads with bikes. In the US, the toll charges are usually covered by federal funding. Read on to know more.

All of us have travelled on highway roads once in a while and have paid taxes on toll plazas. You must have seen cars, trucks, buses or any other vehicle paying taxes on tolls. 

But have you ever thought about why bikes don’t pay tolls? Any vehicle that is less than one PCU does not have to pay any toll charges. However, different states have different policies and rules to collect toll payments. In this article, let us look into why you don’t have to pay for tolls in certain states.

Why Bikes Don't Pay Tolls

In this article, let us further look at:

  • States that don’t charge for bike tolls.
  • Are tolls different for motorcycles?
  • Can motorcycles go on toll roads?
  • Is FASTag required for bikes?

Bikes Don’t Pay Tolls.

So when you ride your bicycle on the road, you don’t have to pay any gas charges and thus do not pay any gas tax. You don’t have to stop at the toll plaza to pay the toll. And usually, bikes are not allowed on highway roads.

People who ride bikes don’t have to pay any registration fees as well. This part of the fees is also added in paving and road maintenance. Bikes are not covered in any insurance policies like cars, so they don’t pay any fees. 

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States That Don’t Charge For Tolls

In Michigan, none of the vehicles has to pay the toll charges. According to the state, the road construction and all the cost is covered by federal funding. So you won’t find any toll roads there. However, they may collect money for tunnels and bridges constructed.

Other states that don’t charge for tolls are Arizona, Montana, Idaho and Tennessee.

But Colorado used to take toll charges earlier, but this is not the case now. Now the department allows motorcycles to travel toll-free in High occupancy vehicles.

Let’s look for new policies by HPTE and CDOT for motorcyclists who use HOV Lanes. It includes Us 36, North I-25 and Central I-25 express lanes.

  • It is not necessary for motorcycles to have a pass for using express lanes for free.
  • Any toll roads where HOV vehicles are not allowed to use the freeway may need to have a prepaid toll pass so as to pay a minimum charge.
Why Bikes Don't Pay Tolls

Are Tolls Different For Motorcyclists?

Yes, motorcyclists have to pay for tolls, but the amount differs from state to state. In some states, you are even allowed to pay the toll using the tag. Usually, there are three types of tolls.

Open Toll

In this toll system, you need to stop and pay the toll.

Closed Toll

In a closed toll, the distance you cover determines the toll price.

Open Road Toll

In states like Maryland and Virginia, there are three highways which are called Express lanes. They have e-scanners placed on all the highway roads.

Some toll may have all three toll systems as well. To ride your motorcycle on this road, you need to have an E-Pass. The charges depend on your type of vehicle. However, in most cases, motorcycles don’t even have to pay any charge.

For other toll plazas, they have to pay a minimum amount of 5 dollars. The prices vary from state to state. They are usually charged the same as any 2-axle vehicle as it takes up almost the same space on the road as any other car. 

Can Motorcyclists Go On Toll Roads?

Yes, motorcycles can ride on HOV roads, car lanes and even FasTrak lanes. They will have to pay the same amount of toll as other two-axle vehicles when riding on toll roads.

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Is FASTag Required For Bikes?

FASTag is the RFID transponder through which all the vehicles get scanned on the toll plaza. Usually, these tags are for cars and buses and not for bikes.

It may be difficult for people who travel on bikes to ride on toll roads as they will have to choose between standing in a queue for paying cash or using the tag that is not for bikes.

Though it is not necessary to have a tag for bikes as such, you can get one for yourself. Using the tag, you can travel through the toll roads much faster and won’t have to get in a hassle or stand in the long queue.

Also, you don’t have to remove any of your gear to pay the cash on the toll plaza. You may have to pay a lesser amount as well. Though the amount will depend on the palace you live in and their laws.

Usually, it would help if you put these tags in front of the vehicle or your car. As I have mentioned above, these tags are not designed for bikes. 

How can you put these in your bikes? If you put the tag in the windshield, it has a high chance of getting removed by somebody. It is also not necessary for motorcycles to have a windshield. 

But riders keep it in their wallets and take it out to scan by the toll. But if it does not get appropriately scanned by the toll, you may end up paying the penalty.

Do you know there are a few tag holders that you can place on your bike? It makes it easy to ride bikes on toll roads.

YiePhiot IPass Tag

This tag is straightforward to install in a windshield and is quite adjustable. You can even remove it anytime you want to. It comes with a 360° rotating neck.

Wetcoats Inc EZ Pass Holder

This pass holder is of high quality and easy to mount to the bike’s handlebar or clamp. The strap is 10-inches long, so you can attach it wherever you feel convenient.

Why Bikes Don't Pay Tolls

Bikes Don’t Pay Tolls!!

Usually, people are allowed to ride their bikes on certain roads that do not affect vehicle traffic. And in the US, bikes are not even allowed on toll roads. 

And in most states like Michigan, there are no toll roads. All the road construction and maintenance charges are funded by federal funding. Likewise, all states have different policies and rules related to toll and road maintenance.