Why Do Skateparks Not Allow Bikes: 4 Reasons

Do you want to do stunts with your BMX at your local skatepark? It’s not such a hot idea; they may not let you in! So, why do skateparks not allow bikes? This article will answer your questions.

Many people love skateboarding as well as biking. However, most skateparks do not allow bikes. You can only carry your skateboards. While this has been a topic of controversy and protest for a long time, the parks have valid reasons to impose this ban on bikes, particularly BMX bikes or Bicycle Motocross bikes. 

So, if you are planning a trip to your nearest skateboard, it would be best if you left your bike back at home. But you should also know why these rules are in place. So, to find out why skateparks do not allow bikes, please keep reading. 

Why Do Skateparks Not Allow Bikes

Can You Take a Bike to a Skatepark?

Usually, skateparks do not allow BMX bikes. You can check with your local skatepark to know if there are any specific rules regarding the use of bikes inside the park. 

Damage To Skate Plaza

Most skateparks state that BMX bikes cause damage to the skate plaza. Parks often cite conflicts between skateboarders and bikers and liability issues, as well. 

The skate plaza in most parks is not strong enough to withstand BMX bikes. BMX bikes are sturdy and can increase the wear and tear of the concrete bowl or the metal coping. The density of concrete or the metal coping is not enough to endure rough use. 

Therefore, the park may be damaged for skateboarders if too many people ride their bikes. 

Skateparks Were Not Designed For Stunt Bikes

Thus, the issue is with the design of the parks. Skateparks are not designed to include bike use, and therefore, there is a risk of damage to the park facilities. 

The Risk Of Accidents

They also do not allow bikes due to the risk of accidents. If skateboarders and bikers are in the same bowl, collisions could cause serious injuries. 

Why Do Skateparks Not Allow Bikes

Can You Use Other Bikes Apart From BMX?

Since BMX bikes are not allowed, you may want to take your mountain bike or even a regular to a skatepark. However, that would be a dangerous decision. Bikes other than BMX bikes are not suitable for such extreme adventure sports. 

While you can ride a mountain bike on rough terrain, you cannot use it in a skatepark. Many bikers are pushing for skateparks to include BMX bikes in the arena because they are almost indestructible. 

So, there is very little chance of the bike toppling over or getting damaged. However, this is also the reason why it can damage a concrete bowl in a skate plaza. 

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What Should You Not Do at a Skatepark?

If you are visiting a skatepark for the first time, you need to know what you cannot do. It is essential to follow the rules so that you and those around you can have a safe and fun time. 

Do Not Break Any of the Skatepark’s Rules

Before entering a skatepark, check the rules and regulations. If a skatepark does not allow BMX bikes, don’t try to enter with one. Most skateparks have no-graffiti policies, so respect those rules. Skateparks are for the entire skateboarding community so stick to the rules. 

Do Not Tailgate or Snake Others

Tailgating or snaking other skateboarders is an offense so avoid doing that. Wait for your turn instead of cutting across another person in line. It is also essential to keep enough space between you and another skateboarder as tailgating can be dangerous. It can result in accidents inside the bowl. 

Do Not Litter the Skatepark

Many people visit skateparks and leave their trash everywhere. All skateparks have bins, and you should use them. Please do not litter the part as you are responsible for it. It is as much your space as any other skateboarder’s, so keep it clean. 

Why Do Skateparks Not Allow Bikes

Do Not Sit on the Ledge

When you visit a skatepark, do not sit on the ledge. The ledge is for skateboarders to take off from. There are many benches in a skatepark, so you can sit on those when you need a break or want to catch your breath. If you sit on the ledge while waiting for your turn, you take up a lot of space, which can be difficult for other skateboarders. 

Do Not Attempt Stunts Without a Spotter

You should always be safe while skateboarding. If you are attempting some stunts, then find someone to spot you. It will help you avoid collisions that can injure you and others in the bowl. 

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Why Are Scooters Banned From Skateparks?


Like BMX bikes, most skateparks do not allow scooters. Many times this is due to a conflict between skateboarders and scooterists. Skateboarders often have concerns about people trying amateur tricks with scooters. 


The other reason for skateparks banning scooters is due to liability issues. There is a risk of liabilities for the city if skateparks allow scooters. Therefore, to avoid those risks, they are banned. 

However, certain skateparks do allow scootering. If you want to try scootering and skateboarding, you can look for those specific parks. 

Are Skateparks Only for Skateboards?

Most skateparks are just for skateboards. Bikes and scooters are banned, and only skateboarders can come in. But, there are a few parks that allow bikes as well as scooters. 

Skateparks that are aboveground and have steel ramps may allow skateboards and BMX bikes. There may also be certain skateparks with concrete bowls and metal coping that enable bikers to enter. 

However, most skateparks with in-ground concrete bowls allow only skateboarders. Before you decide to go to a skatepark, check what kind of an arena it has. 

Skateparks will mention if bikes and scooters are allowed along with skateboards. But usually, even if skateparks do allow bikers to enter, you may not be able to take your scooter. 

Why Do Skateparks Not Allow Bikes

Wrap Up

You’ve reached the end of the article and if you are planning to visit a local skatepark, make sure to check the rules. 

Leave a comment if you have been to a skatepark recently with your bike or scooter. Don’t forget to share this information with others. 

Do suggest any skateparks around you that allow BMX bikes too for the benefit of other readers in the comments section.