Will Bikes Rust In Shed?

Rust is the biggest enemy of your bike. Will bikes rust in shed if you leave them out in the winter? Let’s discuss this in detail.

You might have invested a lot of money on your bike. Riding a bike is an adventurous, fun, and low-impact exercise that will surely improve your health. High-end bikes cost a pretty penny these days, and you would surely want your bike to last as long as possible. But rust is the enemy of your bike, which can indeed shorten its lifespan.

We tend to keep our outdoor gear like kayaks, lawnmowers, and bikes in a shed during winter. But did you know that keeping your bike in a shed might cause rust and damage your bike?

In this article, we will talk about: 

  • What causes rust and how to prevent it?
  • How to make a rust-proof bike shed?
  • What to do if your bike is starting to rust?
  • Answers to a host of other questions
Will Bikes Rust In Shed

Will Bikes Rust in Shed if They Are Exposed to Moisture?

Yes, bikes can rust easily in sheds because of condensation. Condensation is as harmful as rain. So, you need to maintain and inspect all the parts of your bike from time to time; otherwise, you might end up having a useless bike after just one season! 

Rust can cause your bike’s moving parts to jam and cause gears and chains to harden. When the frame of your bike starts to rust, then it loses its structural strength, and you may seriously get hurt while riding on-road or on hilly terrain.

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Is Water Bad For Your Bike?

Winter and the rainy season are dangerous for your bike. When the bike is exposed to water, it is vulnerable to rust. It may be small at the beginning, but even a small amount of rust will eat into the frame and other essential parts of your bike. 

Consequently, the rust affects the performance of your bike. So, if you allow rust to spread, you will end up having to buy a brand new bike. It’s best to inspect your bike every few days, especially during winter.

Will Bikes Rust In Shed

Rust Depends On Humidity

Rust never occurs in dry air. The problem arises when the water vapor in the air starts condensing on the surface, which happens only when the temperature of the metal parts goes below the dew point temperature. The dew point temperature is when the air cannot hold any more moisture and starts condensing.

Most of the components of your bike consist of metal. The condensation on the metal surface reacts with the oxygen and electrons on the metal surface, forming iron oxide, which is nothing but rust.

So, if you are staying in high humidity locations like the South East of the United States, you need to be very careful about the components of your bike.

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How To Have a Rust Proof Bike In Shed?

No one likes their expensive bike to get damaged because of rust. But storage is another problem that most people face. If you don’t put your bike in the shed, where else will it go? Luckily, there are a few ways to ensure that your bike does not rust even when you keep it in a shed. Just follow the ideas given below.

#1. Clean Your Bike

Before storing in your bike, your first duty should be to clean your bike thoroughly with soap water. Washing your bike enables you to protect it from corrosion or rust and also inspect it for any cracks in the paint. 

Allow the bike to dry completely in the sun; even the slightest water contact may damage your bike’s metal parts. You can use a chamois cloth to dry all the water from your bike. For places that don’t see a lot of sun, you can use compressed air to dry off your bike.

#2. Try To Cover Your Bike

You need to cover your bike with a tarp while keeping your bike in the shade. Tarp is readily available on the market at an affordable price. 

The tarp will prevent dew droplets from settling on the metal components of your bike, which is the easiest method to prevent rusting. But while covering the bike, allow for some airflow so that if condensation does happen, it will have a way to dissipate.

Will Bikes Rust In Shed

#3. Ventilation

Ventilation is quite essential for preventing rust on bike components. You should have vents or windows which allow the air to enter and leave from the shed.

#4. Spray A Rust Inhibitor Spray

There are several rust inhibitor sprays available on the market. For instance, WD-40 is a good spray. You can use such sprays on your bike, which will indeed prevent rusting.

#5. Perform Maintenance

You should always keep your bike nice and clean. If you ride regularly on salty roads or stay near the sea, then you should clean your bike with normal water after each use. 

Salt corrodes the metal parts very quickly, and your bike gets damaged, which forces you to invest in a new bike.

Will Bikes Rust In Shed

#6. Lubrication

A bike will smoothly operate if you use a good lubricant. Lubricant acts as a barrier between the rust and the metal components.

The chain is an essential component of your bike. You should always keep your bike chain in good condition as it needs lubrication from time to time to prevent rust. 

The battery’s terminals should have a good coating of petroleum jelly so that the moisture does not get a chance to settle on the battery. 

The oil seals on the bike’s front suspension should also have a coating of petroleum jelly to keep the seals in excellent condition. Lastly, don’t forget to grease the bushings, bearings, and stanchions to not dry with time.

Lubrication is even essential after immediate washing of your bike, followed by drying. The rust cannot develop easily on a lubricated metal surface.

Will Bikes Rust In Shed

#7. Check Regularly

You need to check your bike every few days and inspect essential components. If you find any problem or moisture on your bike, try to remove the water from the bike immediately.

#8. A Proper Tune-Up

You should disassemble the components of your bike every few months so that you can inspect each part thoroughly. If any part has undergone corrosion or broken then, you should immediately replace it with a new one.

But while dismantling, try to check the bike’s frame to inspect any sign of corrosion or rust.

When the moisture accumulates on the bike’s rim, then the alloy and brass nipples corrode easily. 

So, you must check the nipples and if they have undergone rust, try to change them immediately. You can dismantle the bike easily at home. There are several excellent online videos that demonstrate how to do this. For example, check out this video:

Bicycle disassembly in 3 minutes!!

You can also do it in your local bike shop, but it may cost you a lot of money.

Steps To Remove Rust From Your Bike

If the components of your bike have already started rusting or getting corroded, there are ways by which you can remove the rust. Let me discuss with you below.

  • You can remove the rust by rubbing the affected area with sandpaper or a bristle brush.
  • Once the affected area is properly sanded, you need to repair any damage or replace the part if it is beyond repair
  • Then, you need to repaint the area of your bike which has undergone rusting. There are several metal spray paints available online or in your local hardware store which you can use for this purpose.
Will Bikes Rust In Shed

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. How do I stop my bike from rusting in the shed?

Your first duty is to keep your bike neat and clean. Then you need to lubricate from time to time. You can use rust inhibit spray on various components of your bike. 

The best thing is to check your bike from time to time so that if you find moisture on your bike, you can remove it instantly.

#2. Is it safe to store bikes in the shed?

Yes, it is safe to store a bike in the shed because the shed protects your bike from theft and extreme wind and snow. Your bike will not fade its color or crack. 

But there is one problem which your bike may face, and that is condensation. The best solution is to keep your bike dry while storing in the shed and check it from time to time.

#3.Will my bike rust outside?

Yes, if you keep your bike, then it will rust very quickly. The dew droplets or snow will react with the metal parts in the presence of oxygen and form an iron oxide other than rust. 

It’s best to keep in the shade, but everyone cannot afford a shed, so if you are bound to store outside, then try to cover with a tarp and lubricate the bike parts from time to time. 

Again drying the bike is essential because small water particles will promote rusting.

#4. Can bike rust in the garage?

Yes, your bike can rust in the garage because it depends on various reasons. If you store it in a place whose relative humidity is high, your bike is more susceptible to rust.

Will Bikes Rust In Shed

Your Bike Will Last For Years If You Follow Our Simple Tips

Keeping your bike is safe because there is no danger of theft. Even the color of the bike will not fade. But there is the possibility of getting rust because of condensation. 

So you must check your bike periodically. Rusting can affect your bike badly, and you will be compelled to invest in a new one. But everyone does not have the money to invest in another bike. So it’s better to take some precautions.

I hope you liked my article, and the simple tips above will surely help you protect your bike from corrosion. Please share your suggestions and comments for this article in the comments section. Do share pictures of your own rust-fighting methods and how you are keeping your bikes safe this winter. 

Happy riding!